Thursday, November 04, 2010

When it's pink.......

When it's pink, one must take pictures: I was rushing around the house tonight trying to get things done before picking up the girls from cello/swimming and saw 'the pink' out the window:
It really makes you slow down and wonder at the Majesty behind it.
Even when it's orange:
And so early in the morning that you think "What am I doing up already?" BUT - if I wasn't up, I wouldn't be able to experience this:
Or this:
Ooooooohhhhhh - and this!!!!!
It helps keep the day in perspective.
And the night too:
And mid-day when taking a trip on the car ferry from Horgen to Meilen:
That our God is bigger and more creative and more powerful than we can imagine. And we have been so very, very blessed to live here.
These pictures have all been taken this Fall. We've not had the best of Seasons - since last September - but we have had some beautiful days. They help remind us of what lies behind the fog and rainy clouds that seem to be the norm. Again - for this past year. Other years have been great.
Rachel is learning about the Famine period in Switzerland (early 1300's) when many people starved for 6 years because of the constant rain. I believe it! I thought to myself this summer when our garden was so pathetic because there wasn't enough sun/dry days "If I really had to garden to provide food for my family, this would be a baaaaadddddd year."
Now, while I don't believe this is the coming of a great Famine, it can become a Famine of the soul. Whether SADD (seasonal affected disorder...blah, blah, blah) or just anticipating change, it's not always easy. I've mentioned in the past that there can be a 'lack of heart' here too. This is not just my imagination or perceived interpretation - unless most of the other people I talk too (international groups, not strictly from the USA) are wrong also: there is a lack of heart and a focus on the material here. It can wear you down.
An acquaintance from the French Indies said the other day "my people may be poor on the Islands but they have heart, and soul, and God and they are happy - people here have money but they are not happy people."
I am being, for some, brutally honest. I am so happy to be here and yet am ready for the return. It won't be perfect - no place is. This world is not my home. I guess I just answered the question that everyone's been asking lately. Because we're in decision mode. Yet, I have more peace this go around than any time before.
God gives me these skies to keep it all in check. I am so thankful and so blessed to be here. With my wonderful family. And we have a LOT OF HEART.
What a wonderfulllllll wooorllllllllddddddd...............


Makila said...

Amazing photos Susan. Loved them. Loved your heart and words even more.

Judy said...

Love those photos. I love sunsets! We are blessed to have a wide open western view.

Good luck with those decisions. While I agree this world isn't my own, I wouldn't wish this annoyingly small town on you.

Susan said...

I love these photos - you have such a beautiful view from your corner of the world. I'm praying for you all - for clear leading from the Lord.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful writing, photos, and heart. I hoping for Minneapolis. I have a violin player to go with your cello!

Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

I'm going to second the hope for MN. That would be so wonderfully close and I'm just dreaming of our first trip to the American Girl Doll store with Kendra and Natalie!:) Got your email...thanks so so much and will reply soon! Also second the comments of thanks for sharing your heart - Love you!

Linds said...

Beautiful, Susan - the post and the words. And I didn't know re the famine in the 1300s. Must look it up. Though heaven knows where!

Katherine said...

These are Fabulous photos, Susan - just catching up a little here...thanks for sharing them!