Tuesday, November 02, 2010

There's Football east of the Pond - and we're not talkin' Soccer

I'm posting an experience I did NOT have. But Bart did.

On Sunday, had you been watching the SF 49ers and Denver Broncos play in Wembley Stadium, you could have seen him on TV! He was the one in a 49er baseball hat and black 49er sweatshirt. Well, guess there were a few other guys dressed just like him so maybe not so easy.

Not an easy game to get tickets for. He's entered the lottery (tickets are by lottery only) each year we've lived over here and finally, in our last year, he got the 6 tickets he requested. So it was a guys weekend in London - along with approximately 12 - 13 million other people. He's (we've) been to London a few times and said this particular weekend was very crowded.

They did some site-seeing on Saturday and headed over to the Stadium on Sunday afternoon. He was really impressed with the organization of people (large masses of men out to watch American Football) both before and after the game (especially getting everyone to the Underground afterward).

Approaching Wembley - look at the line of people snaked up the stadium:
It was raining a bit but Bart said virtually everyone had jerseys/colors on - though covered up a bit here. But, somehow, I think the kilts add a distinctive flavor to the game that you wouldn't find in the States, don't you?

And the team that I grew up with (I do lean more maroon/gold than the black/silver but I keep it quiet because I have some 'rough' relatives - hahaha - yes, that includes you, Mom!):

Here are all the NFL flags in honor of NFL International Series:
Of course, Bart did get a pic of the Raider flag. He almost wore his silver/black Raider gear. Which is a source of running debate in our house. I kept shaking my head declaring he couldn't wear the Silver and Black if the 49ers were playing. Because anyone knows you can't be a 'Niner and Raider fan at the same time! Am I wrong?
Thing is, he lived in Minnesota as a Viking fan first, then in CO for several years and became a bit of a Bronco fan, then lived in So Cal during the LA Raider years and then moved to the Bay Area where he could go to both '49er and Oakland Raider games (because the Raiders moved back to where they belonged!). He's just confused! Sorry Honey :). He really ended up in the Bay Area "too late" in life to develope a 'strong emotional attachment' to the '49er's like he should have and well, that's OK with me because I only glance at the games nowdays anyway.
Fact is - he's just a big sports fan and loves going to games! I love his enthusiasm and the energy that goes along with it. And was secretly relieved he didn't wear the Silver and Black!
It was a '49er 'home' game: No pictures of Bart & the guys though? Not a one. Now a girls weekend would have included a memory of who wore what and maybe pictures at dinner but I guess it all comes down to different priorities...........

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MOM E said...

What an exciting event, so glad for Bart!!! My choice would have been the Broncos in this match-up for sure.