Monday, November 22, 2010

Make his red?

Due for a lighthearted post?

Leonard (Big Bang Theory) wears them.

And so does he: And him:

And this gentleman:

And that gentleman:

But I cannot convince Bart to donn the red pant.

How 'bout your guy?

Forgive me - irreverance and politically INcorrect humor is bound to burst forth from time to time.



Judy said...

Ummm... my man did almost 24 years ago! (He was sooo ahead of those European trends.) I even bought them for him for a birthday present. He wore them until they were almost pink. :)

Olson Family said...

HaHa - I had a pair of red pants 25 years ago too! And yellow shoes and neon pink shorts and, oh, there's a reason we left the 80's fashion behind. Does it really need a revival?

Sarah said...

I love it when you post stuff like this. :) Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

Rwokmin said...

Hi Susan!!!! Its Rachelle Okmin -- There are soooo many Susan Olsons on Facebook -- what was your maiden name? I'd love to hear when and where you are moving back! We are going to Italy in June -- will you still be in Europe? Our great friends and business partners are from Switzerland -- can you say Lindt???? Email me if you like