Monday, September 06, 2010

Pic's and stuff

OK. Please bear with this post as my settings for picture alignment are apparently in need of a reset. So I will try to match dialogue with photo's but don't get you're hopes up.
It's been a semi-busy week. I'm about 90% back from the sinus/ear infection - thank you Dr. N for the antibiotic's that you reluctantly and apologetically gave me. Rachel returned safe and sound from her week long trip to Leysin - Yeah! Bart and I attended a very nice KPMG event in Luzern (apero, rehearsal concert at the KKL Luzerne Music Festival and Steamboat Dinner Cruise on Lake Luzern (aka Vierwaldstadtersee)) for the celebration of KPMG Switzerland's 100th Anniversary. Had a good morning at church in which I was still able to lead Music in spite of sinus/ear issues :)!
And yesterday, Sunday, I was able to take some beautiful pictures of our Monkey's at Halbinsel Au:

The eldest Monkey is now 12! She spent her Birthday with her class. As she put it "Yeah, it was the best birthday of my life. I loooovvvve to spend my birthday on a 7.5 hour hike."
Um - use your best "12 year old" tone of voice with that statement.
We're happy to have her back home.

I ordered myself a new toy when I was in HI (and paid the VAT on it when I when through customs - voluntarily! did not want to risk getting 'selected' with my payload). A 10-22mm wide angle lens. So you'll have to put up with my learning curve.
I can get a lot more of the Lake in my shots now.

And another shot while in HI. Thunderclouds and pouring rain off the beach. Beautiful thing was - I got back to Deb's place before it rained on land - but it was still 85F so "rain" doesn't really count.
And again while on the beach. The reviews weren't joking when they claimed the lens will pick up the whole shot including your toes! Have to work out pic's when I don't want the slight distortion at the edges which seems to be common depending on the subject, distance, angle, etc....
Me and Deb = JT took this pic. Not bad for a 6 yr old.

Me and my buddies. Miss them bunches!

SO - as you can see. My formatting is all screwed up and I'm lacking the time and patience to make it perfect OR go back and reload all these pic's. I know my regular readers can figure it out. Right???? Make it a game - matching comments to pics! Yikes.

Here's to next Post!

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Makila said...

I love the pictures with your niece and nephews! So cute.