Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back Online!!!

HI!!! So glad to be here and hope to post something fun soon. Right now I'm catching up.

I know I've mentioned how "real life" has been the priority over blogging in recent months. Some of the time we were physically away (and I don't take a computer with me), part of the time I was just busy being wife, mom and Susan and the rest of the time - it took so long to get a post done that it felt like work. Instead of fun and it's supposed to be fun.

Email took forever, blogging took forever (if it would save my posts or download pic's at all) and I couldn't seem to get anything done efficiently. After weeks of frustration with the computer, checking updates and dumping unneccessary files from the hard drive, updating security - whatever I could do to see if I could 'fix' the problem, the phone was going consistently offline. We realized the problem was not our computer but the modem. We've had issues before but the cable company has let it drag on.

We've been almost completely off-line since last Saturday - occasional bursts of connectivity but - pretty much out of touch. The cable company told us Monday that they would send a new modem - Yeah!!! Because by Tues. - only two lights were blinking on our little box when there should have been 5. I'm wondering why I left it plugged in?

So now - I'm catching up on emails and all the things I should be doing with the computer, like sending out the song line-up for Sunday instead of Blogging. But it's working so quickly now, I can do both and still get some housework done. Oh happy day!

It's the little things you know. See you later!

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