Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My family cracks me up!

They are all lined up watching "Deal or No Deal." Not the Howie Mandel version from the US but the British version complete with Noel of the feathered hair and colorful shirts.

They have been howling, cheering and laughing. I love it.

We can understand most of the "English." Great way to spend our evening.

Best part is the lingo that they all yell out at the TV now - everything in p's (pence) and pounds.

Glad that Jim the Fireman took the deal - we have to get to our little "girls Bible Study."

We have the Proverbs bible study for young girls by Vicki Courtney that we are committed to doing on Wednesday and Sunday nights. Girls are enjoying it - great format for pre-teens - and I'm enjoying the enthusiastic conversations. I probably need it tonight as much as they need it for life.


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