Saturday, September 25, 2010

OK - Just kinda back on-line

Well - we were too quick thinking all our communications issues would be solved with the new modem. Friday morning began with a computer and phone that, once again, did not work.

So I was on the cell phone with the cable company and made an appointment to have the 'cable guy' come on Monday morning. But the good Lord saw fit that the cable guy had some extra time today and he called to see if it would be OK to come after lunch. Yeah!

This involves good and bad news. Bad news first: The diagnosis is that the cable wiring is all old, outdated and has to be re-wired. It will be at least a month before it can be done. And hopefully the temporary fix will keep us connected most of the time but no guarantees. Not easy when all our communications are tied up in those 2 devices (all the school comm's are via internet - Yikes).

Good news: This all happened today (Saturday)!

To explain: Our heating and water controls are located in the neighbors flat 2 floors below us - in their cellar - inside their house. Our cable and electric controls are located in an underground room below their house accessed by a grate behind a hydrangea bush. Not convenient for any of us. Not easy to explain to the cable guy when his little electronic plan claims something different.

Fortunately, our nice neighbors were home and able to explain all the necessary info. to cable guy and vice versa, translate for me what I couldn't understand. Did I mention cable guy didn't speak English? But I was able to handle about 80% of the conversations necessary in German! What a sense of accomplishment.

OK - to finish up what is good new in an otherwise bleak technical period; in the course of our conversations, I found out my neighbors were going to be on holiday for 2 weeks - starting tomorrow! If the cable guy had not come until Monday, it would have been much more frustrating for he and I. Can you imagine me telling him that yes, he must go into the tunnel under the ground for the cable control panel - under a house that isn't ours? I don't see it going so well. Oh, and he had to do this all in the pouring rain?

So things are working as well as can be under the circumstances. Still some glitches but we'll just go with the flow. Will probably still be slow at posting since I can't always get the computer to cooperate but maybe the temporary fix with be reliable. Time will tell.

Before I leave you for the evening, I'll share this week's entertainment:

The triplets were born Thursday morning and we had the joy of watching them while having our dinner on the terrasse that evening.

Here they are Friday afternoon: Lively babies for Momma Sheep:
We don't think we'll ever have another place quite like this and we are cherishing every moment:

Wouldn't you agree?

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Judy said...

So frustrating! We've had the power go out in half our house and have an electrician come this morning. I don't think he'll have to go under the neighbors house, though. :)
The lambs are adorable! We get to see deer out our windows. Last week we saw three mamas and three babies! Your lake picture is breathtaking!