Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next Stop: CA

No summer is complete with out a trip to CA to see the Family. Susan's family. And they all live within a couple of miles of each other - except for Uncle D who boldly moved across the Sacramento River and lives outside of Yolo County. The audacity!

Seriously - my whole extended family lives in the town I grew up in. The only ones who moved away permanently (I don't count cousin H who's in TX doing her residency as house and Hub are still in Yolo Cnty. Go Dr. H!!!!) are my sisters, mom and I.

The kids play in the pool and the adults eat, drink and talk. Fortunately, this was the best summer weather we've had in the Sacramento area for a long time. The day of our party we had beautiful weather. The previous weekend had been about 105 F but we spent that day on the Lake.

Family party day was nice! Wonderful to see my sister Kris and Mom: Rachel, little J and Kendra had fun at the park:
Kids always have fun in the pool:
Even the little pool:
There was a lot of good food: Segregation of the Sexes: the Men
and the Women
In my family, the women outweigh the men. All the men except one on my mother's side has married in. The picture above doesn't include all of us. Probably why the men find safety in numbers!
There was also the quick trip down to Fresno. It was great to see our friends there and spend a day on Millerton. We got all 5 kids on the banana tube :
for a very short time:
There was a night at the Davis Farmers Market for good food and live music. If you are wondering where the remnants of the CA late 60's/early 70's Era went, they're in No. Calif. Many in Davis to be specific. And still dancin' in a groovy way. Except, these were people about my age and so I didn't quite get it. Because I remain a child of the '80's and would like some Van Halen please. Seriously - some good people watching there at the Davis Farmers Market.
With a giant bag of Fresh Kettle corn - they were stuffing in their mouths as fast as they could:

Our one really hot day was spent on Folsom Lake. We went later in the day (it was a Sun.) to 1) avoid some of the crowds 2) we wanted to go to church and 3) because the thought of sitting on the Lake at noon just made us tired. We watched the truck/boat with everyone except Kendra, S and I go through - we were understandably in the car as 8 people are not allowed to legally ride in a King-cab pickup truck.
We arrived at the gate and were told "there's no Day-use parking available Ma'am, only boating vehicles. You'll have to turn around here." But, but, but - you just let our boat through and we need to get on it! "Sorry Ma'am, we can't let you into the park. You need to turn your vehicle around at the officer." Grrrrrrr!
Needless to say, in spite of the hassles and verbal astonishment on part of our husbands, we convinced them to come out of the park with the boat, meet us in a nearby parking lot, we ALL climbed in, and waited in line - again, to get in. Fortunately, the Sheriff who happened to pull in right behind us in line! could not see all the extra heads bobbing in the back due to the boat. And the fact S was sitting on the floor. Thank goodness for CA tinted windows!
S (friend, not me - I can't get up on her ski) treated herself to a bit of waterskiing around 7:30 - it was beautiful: And the kids enjoyed their rides in the Tube:
I also managed to meet up with a couple high school and college friends. I don't have a pic of V & I who met at Starbucks one morning to catch up. Needless to say, I didn't make it back over to Grandma's in the time I thought I would.
I also met up with these lovely ladies. I am the shorty of the bunch. They measure in at 6' and 6'2" - both played basketball and volleyball at Cal Baptist where we all went. I also went to High School with A (left). S (right) and I were on the same dorm wing/floor for a couple years.
It was great to catch up and enjoy a late night dessert together - night was perfect for being outside late. Hopefully, we'll do it again before another 20+ yrs goes by. For A, V and I - it was a 25 year reunion catch-up. Where did the time go?
Thus ends our Summer USA journey. It was a bit shorter in length than normal but on purpose. So we could enjoy our last summer in Switzerland in our home. And I'm enjoying it - every single moment!

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MOM E said...

Nice pics...you had me worried for a second on the "women outweighing the men" comment. It was a really nice family party...thanks J & M for hosting...