Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's HOT!

I'm not complaining mind you. We had very little sunshine from the beginning of May until we left for the US on June 18 (in the rain!) so we are enjoying the sun and heat on our return. But it is hot. Not as hot as in CA, but, in CA we have air conditioning. In Switzerland, we don't.

We do cheat a little as we have a portable air conditioner unit which we roll around as needed in the summer. We've used it only a few times per summer since we moved here - until this year. This summer it's getting a good workout. It has to be vented to the outside so we have the blinds down with just enough room for the ventilation pipe to get through, all blinds drawn (as if we didn't already live half underground!), a fan strategically placed to blow some of the cool air down the hall and all "unnecessary" rooms have the door closed. Fans on all over the place!

Heat index was just 95F today! Bart, dressed in all but a suit jacket today, was not a fan. His building is not air conditioned.

We are very thankful for this: This is where we've been since coming home. I've not been sitting at this computer because, frankly, it's too hot and there is a lot to do post-school and trip to States.

We had a great time in Minnesota and California visiting family and friends. All of which I'll share now that I've declared my computer vacation over. I think only 3 people read this blog at this point anyway - 2 of them being Mom and Gma!

It always seems surreal to return in the summer after a USA visit. There's no school schedule, we're getting over a 9 hr time difference, it's hot, there's lot's to do in the yard, I've forgotten to weigh my own produce at the market (soooooo embarassing!), have to put on my German thinking cap again, and

so nice to see them ready to greet me:

Backyard Friends.

What will I do when I don't have these bovines on the other side of my fence next year?
I've already started counting down mentally but will try to keep it under control. So much we enjoy about living here and yet, looking forward to going 'home', where ever home might be. That will be for a later date........
Many things to share:
Cousins, trip to the US Embassy in Bern, storms and tree limbs, man sitting in fountain - oh my, the stories I should tell. But the computer is hot, it's 11:30pm and I think it's time to go to bed!


Linds said...

#3 signing in! It has been very hot here too, and we are about to come back to Switzerland for a month. Diana leaves next week and once I have straightened things out here, and got organised, David, Mum, my friend Jean and I will be heading back to Engelberg. So hopefully we can meet up this time!
Marge says it has been very hot up in the Alps. Apparently Luzern was 36C today!

Sarah said...

haha - looks like I'm reader #4. :)

Would love to have that pool right now...heat index here is currently 115*. Yuck. We, however, do have air conditioning and are very, very thankful for that!

Makila said...

Um, I'm reading!!!! :)

Keep writing...I'm reading. :)

Susan said...

Count me in, am I #6? You're in my Google Reader, my dear -- that way I won't miss a post. I love your writings, and of course the photos.

Yikes, that pool looks nice. I'm with you on the strategic placement of fans. Lucky for me I'm an early riser, so my windows get flung open at 6 a.m., to let the cool air in. This morning feels wonderful.

Anyway, welcome back!! Looking forward to all your stories :-)

Katherine said...

Your pool picture looks like a wonderful fancy resort!! Fun to be able to picture where that is, having had the tour. We get back on Saturday and would love to get the kids together to play (and swim!) :-).

We're at Grandma's house in Virginia, where the pool is very unfortunately still under construction, not usable until after we leave...and it's been in the 100s...thank goodness for the A/C here!

P.S. I don't know what number reader I am, but you have more than you think ;-)