Monday, July 26, 2010


I have been given instructions for future posts re: female members of the family.

I am allowed to say they "out-number" the men but am forbidden from using the term "out-weigh."

My sincere apologies. Really. I didn't 'read' it that way when I wrote it but there was an outcry even if not evident from the comments. ;)

AND re: Pole Barns

Bart said it's a "pull-barn" not "pole" because they're built with large doors that are "pulled" along big sliders. But, I also have it from a former IA farmer/current Swiss resident that they are "pole-barns" because they were built with basic poles and slapped with metal siding for walls/roof.

So, there you have it.

More later today with pictures. I'm flying through the to-do's today!

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Susan said...

Hello, yes I wondered about the out-weighing remark -- I decided not to comment about it. Glad that's cleared up :-)

As for the structure mentioned - I've heard it called a Pole Barn before, in Illinois. Just sayin'.