Friday, May 07, 2010

Sister's & their Girl's

Here we are:Geographical representatives of Hawaii, Southern California and Switzerland.

We are all Mother's now. We all have girls. Two of us are slated to be Auntie's again. Of identical twins.

But - this picture of girls only will remain (for now!) as the newcomer's will be boys (they will join 2 big brothers not shown here as well as little sister in red sash above).

Time has gone quickly, the baby showers are already beginning and the little gentlemen should arrive sometime at the end of July, beginning August (fun fact: actual 'due date' is August 31 which is Rachel's Bday). In Oahu.

Considering they will now be a household of 7!, we will definitely continue taking HI vacations when we return to the States.

Congratulations Sister! Love you and praying for continued healthy pregnancy and good delivery.

Happy Mothers Day!

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Sarah said...

Your sister is having identical twin boys?!?! So exciting!