Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cut your own

It's been a while since I've made reference to the 'self-serve' stands that exist throughout this fair country.

You're driving down the road and you see this: The sign says "Cut your own flowers" and the "Kasse" there is to put your money in once you've gathered your bouquet.

Here is the cart with the price list, knives for cutting stems (in case you don't have one on you - I do carry a small Swiss Army but rather not dirty it up on dripping flower stems) and a waste container if you want to strip leaves here vs at home:

Then you walk over here:
And cut some of these:
Then you have to go home and clean off your shoes. Because they aren't going to smell or look good but your flowers will.

Nor do you want to catch an airplane to the USA with this dirt on your shoes - I'm sure the dogs in customs would love it. There's a little question on the Immigration form that asks if you've been "in or around any farms/livestock" during your visit to said foreign country. Now we always say 'No' but laugh as we do so. Unless you stay in the middle of the major cities (Zurich, Bern, Basel), there's no way to get around the farmland/livestock issue. There's natural "fertilizer" everywhere. We just don't get on the plane in our hiking boots. :)

We think it's great that these 'cut your own' fields still thrive. They've not yet had to fence off the fields from poachers. The small fruit/veggie market down the street also leaves it's outdoor fruit for sale, self-serve style, during the 2 hour lunch period when the shop is closed. AND - there is a couple florist shops and a grocery store that leaves their plants out over night/holidays. Unlocked, unsecured. The plants are still there the next morning. I appreciate that sense of responsibility in the citizenship of this country. It is changing slowly though. My guess is, 10 yrs from now there won't be so many of these close to the cities. But for now, we will enjoy.

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MOM E said...

Do the horse stables @ Einsiedeln count?? Me & C didn't think so...those beautiful trails in the Alps...not a farms there. Re:Flowers.. Walmart leaves their plants out over night in my neighborhood all the time and I joke "the only crime in my zipcode is the plants stolen from Walmart" Maybe a self-pay box would help???