Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fields of Yellow

If you were flying over Switzerland today. And if there were no rain clouds to impede your view - which there definitely are, sigh. You would see a patchwork of green and yellow. Spring and hayfever season are in full bloom.

Below is a field of yellow. This plant looks like a weed to me but it is planted in late Summer, grows knee high (my knee so....) during the Fall and sits dormant over Winter. Come Spring and 50-60 degree temps, it shoots up and is 4-6 feet high. It is cultivated for it's oil - Rapsoil (a-umlaud) - which is used in cooking and dressing here. Similar to olive oil, it has a bit of flavor - not like a vegetable oil. It really is beautiful - even in the rain:
Yellow in the yard. This old house is right in the middle of town. I took this so you could see how people often cut their grass/lawn during the Spring. This yard is only partially cut - they leave the rest for the meadow flowers (dandelions, daisy's, buttercups, ajuga, etc...) while in bloom. Many lawns are also planted with bulb flowers and they leave those patches until end of June/beginning July. They enjoy a natural look and, chemicals are not appreciated in their drinking water - Zurich Lake - so a light hand is taken with chemical gardening efforts.
Next to the Middle School. I can't see Rachel walking down the path from school anymore as the flowers/plants are taller than she is.
A field waiting for summer occupants of cows, sheep or horses:
Our lawn also has a bit of yellow in it. What can you do? When in Switzerland......


MOM E said...

Lovely pics, I made the one of Rachel's school my background on the computer...it is awesome full screen!

Makila said...

Beautiful pictures!

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