Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh - crooked and all - Hello from Paris!

It has been a jam-packed week! I haven't even had time to look at all my pictures yet!

Our CA friends had come in last Monday, May 10th - a wee bit delayed by the ash cloud, and since then, I've been in Italy, France, Germany, driven a wee bit through Austria & Liechtenstein and of course, tried to show them what we could of Switzerland.

Switzerland has not been her best self this May but there is "promise" of some sun this weekend. I basically cleaned, oiled and stored all my winter boots 2 weeks ago and then drug them out 3 days later. I have worn sandals once this Spring. Half the veggie garden will be replanted this week because it's just been too cold and wet.

Anyway - I have about 10 loads of laundry to fold and beds to remake and bathrooms to clean so have to make this quick. Had a great time with our friends and, of course, the letdown begins once you drop them off at the airport. But - mom is arriving this next week and we will see our friends and family shortly during the summer holidays.

When I catch my breath, I will download some more pic's - have some beautiful ones. Until then, you will have to accept the crooked, untouched and uncropped photo above. Guess you can tell which family inherited height and which did not - although it appears that Rachel takes a bit more after Bart after all and will surpass me soon. Yeah!!!

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