Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a shame?! Here's a Family vacation in Venice

So, it's still really cold but has warmed up to -3 although the wind is still roaring through cracks in the window casings (if this was our house, these windows would have been long gone!). And since I've done quite a bit this morning, I gave in to some web-browsing. Important stuff like what gowns, I mean people, walked the Red Carpet at the Oscars and what silly things Miley Cyrus said in a recent interview in Paris - apparently she and her new beau "think deeper than normal people." So Miss Cyrus, how do "normal" people think and what constitutes a "normal" person? Normal people like me want to know. ;)

Oh - I really need to NOT click on those horrid links. Because I felt myself drawn to view the pic's of the Pitt/Jolie Family Venetian vacation. I thought to myself, "oh, I wonder where they went in Venice?"

Poor Venice. Not much of a promo for the City. All one gets are pictures of some of the family in doorways - they could be in LA, NY, London or Paris and no one would know the difference.

A year ago, we went to Venice with dear friends from CA. This is what Venice really looks like:

I hope you enjoyed - I know we did.


Budgets are the New Black said...

Oh, wow. Talk about nostalgia. Those are some wonderful photos.

I saw one just the other day of Venice covered in snow. Ok, not covered, but it snowed there this winter, a bit unusual.

Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

The last picture is my could be a postcard. You take great shots.

p.s. Tell Kendra that Nat enjoyed K's email telling her why she misses her...Natalie misses Kendra and often makes comments about how she just wishes Kendra was back here. Don't know how they'd actually relate if they really did see each other in person, but I have a feeling they might just be two peas in a pod again. : ) Hugs to all from all of us!