Thursday, March 25, 2010

Think of all the new jobs....

Although they're still slogging thru changes to the Healthcare Bill, think of all the new jobs it's going to create. This occurred to me today as we got a love letter from Kanton Zurich's Gesundheitsdirektion - in English, the government insurance watchdog.

Switzerland is a 'mandatory insurance' country. There is a slew of Insurance companies competing for your insurance business. Unless you happen to fall under the exception treaties (which we do) and are allowed to have approved external (non-Swiss) health insurance (which we do).

Due to the work permit fiasco of 2009, we received requests from the Gemeinde (City) last summer for proof of insurance, employer outside of Switzerland, etc... and eventually everything got straightened out so they let us stay. :) But, as I told Bart, they (clerical) put a date of April 15, 2010 on our insurance coverage which is when he would have left had our contract not be extended again. Not considering the fact the remaining family still needs to prove coverage. Sorry - don't mean to rant (sort of).

So, today the letter came. The Kanton wishes to know if we are pursuing Swiss Insurance as of April 15 or are we submitted proof of continued employment and extended insurance or are we leaving the country?

This will of course be all ironed out but, I thought, how many people in Switzerland have jobs just to take care of making sure that everyone has insurance? And the insurance is valid/acceptable for Switzerland? Switzerland is smaller than Iowa. Good or bad - I will not make any pro/con statements on this Blog re: the whole SITUATION. But think about it - a whole new government bureacracy is born.

Speaking of laws and bureacracy, Rachel will not be happy to hear that she has to sit in a car booster seat again - until end of August. Just found out that Switzerland did pass a new law effective April 1 pertaining to children car restraints. Children under the age of 12 or under 150 cm must be in a car seat or booster. Whew! Good thing I'm over 12 years - oh, and I'm actually 155 cm tall so I just make the height requirement!

AND - effective May 1st, Switzerland will finally join the rest of Europe in banning smoking in restaurants. Finally! But, they've backed out on it before and until May 1st comes and the smokers are puffing away outside, I'm still holding my breath............Of course this is only inside restaurants, outdoors is still free game.

Great News! Kendra had a terrific time on her school ski trip this week. She returned safe and sound with the rest of her 80+ class and there was nary an injury in the group. Yeah! She said she was a little homesick but she did great and we are so proud of her. Rachel enjoyed having us to herself but she missed Kendra - and Kendra missed her.

We are so lucky to have girls who enjoy each other so much. Here Rachel is getting Kendra zipped up to get out the door at 6:30am Monday morning: And last night when Kendra came home, sharing some time together while Rachel did homework:
We've enjoyed some sun this week but the weather is starting to turn - not quite done with winter yet.
Note: Europe Springs forward this Saturday night/Sunday early am.

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Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

Natalie would slightly crush Holly for lap sitting, but this picture is precious of your two sweeties!

:) Hugs from all of us to all of you!