Monday, March 29, 2010

Night at the Movies

I'm slightly embarrassed to even write this post. Because I don't want you all to think we just throw money away. When you look at it closely, it certainly looks that way. It's also the reason we don't go to the movies very often and try to get the girls to understand.

I know movie prices in the US have just gone up again which is what triggered this post.

We wanted something to do on a rainy Saturday for our weekend fun. We picked going to see Alice in Wonderland (3D) in Zurich. At the theatre showing it in English of course. Although it is fun to listen to dub-overs, how can one listen to a dubbed over Johnny Depp?

So, gulp, I will share what it cost for our family of 4 to see a 3D movie in Zurich. Prices will be in dollars which just happen to be the same as the CHF once taxes/exchange rate are calculated.

$42 2 adult tickets
$30 2 Kinder tickets (6 - 12 price at this theatre, some theatres don't discount children)
$20 4 bottled drinks
$31 2 large popcorns and 4 pairs 3D glasses

$123 Total - Yikes!!!!!!! We did bring our own sweets in my purse but had forgotten to "smuggle" any drinks in. I will say that transporting drinks in one's purse is not ideal and wears on the shoulder.

These theatres are tricky with the 3D movies. Some automatically include the glasses in the price, others don't. This one didn't but it wasn't clear online so we had to buy them when we got there. Next time - we'll just bring our own along just in case.

What do I LIKE about going to the movie theatre in Zurich? I like going online, picking out my seats (yes - reserved seating!!!!! Lovely), printing them myself and whisking in the door without standing in line or trying to reserve seats for the group. LOVE the reservation system. Love it!

We see, on average, 2 movies a year in Switzerland as a family. Bart & I are very choosey about what we choose to see - have to feel the movie is worth it. Some aren't. Cheaper to buy the DVD.

We did enjoy Alice though. What have you seen that you enjoyed?


Music and Movie Treasures said...

I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland but I loved Avatar. In Avatar, which by the way I went to reluctantly, I was able to totally forget that I was watching 3D. I think that is important.

Like you, I tend to be cautions about spending too much money on going to the movies particularly because it costs so much less to watch from the comfort of home.

It was March Break for my teenagers and they of course love movies so I allowed myself to be talked into going to see those two 3D movies. Fortunately, the cost in Canada is much less at about $13 for admission for one adult and the glasses have been included at every 3D movie that I have attended.

It still adds up, especially if you buy treats. We try not to buy treats and this time just carried in chocolate bars.

Olson Family said...

Music & Movie Treasures - I agree that Avatar 3D was better than Alice in Wonderland. Saw it with just the Husb. as our girls are 9 & 11 and not ready for the intensity. Thanks for the comment - we do try to go to the movies on our home leave trips as they are much less expensive. And yes, Spring Break for us as well so looking for fun things as the kids don't have school nights!