Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's Cold.....

I don't mean to whine but it's cold. -7 C (19 F) with winds from the E & NE. The wind has been blowing constantly and pretty much everyone says right into the houses. Any crack and, brrrr, you can feel it. Bart wondered why the candles kept flickering last night = 30+ year old giant sliding door would be the culprit.

Weather has also been foiling ski attempts. Maybe that's why I'm whining? Tried to go last Friday but decided that skiing in a white-out would be no fun. Was supposed to go today for the morning but checked the weather and they predicted -21 to -25 C ( -6 to -13 F) on the mountain. It's really no fun skiing when you're likely to turn into a 'people popsicle.' And it saves the knee for the Dr. appointment I have finally made. To go along with my 'golf' elbow - for the lady who doesn't golf.

Good news - my mom seems to be doing well after her ACL reconstruction last week. I'll call today and find out how my sister and little Jayden did on the flight from CA to VA - Kris was a little concerned about how her 20 mo old would fare during the trip. Very active little Miss. Out to VA for the first time to help Gma (Maki).

We've returned to the normal schedule finally after the Ski Break and already Spring Break is looming. It starts the end of March and we will be ready for a warm weather break. We're trying a new place - warm but not too far away. Spanish but not in Spain. Get the Atlas out - take a guess. All about the education. I still explain to people that, "yes, I'm sure Sweden is very nice but we live in Switzerland." Same problem we had in Iowa "yes, the potatoes from Idaho are very good but we live in Iowa." I make geographical mistakes too - trying to get better. Always flip Norway and Finland around.......

There's not much else exciting happening in the Olson family. We're still in the middle of Bart's busy season although it has eased a bit :). He'll been fairly busy, with exception of the week he'll take for Spring Break (girls get 2!!!! :) ), until the end of April. Girls are busy with school and music lessons and trying to fit in as much playtime as possible. Or bugging Bart to load songs/vids on their iPods. Seeing as I do not own one myself, how could I possibly do it? Good daddy/daughter time. And good controls over their content.

With Rachel at Middle School and going to dances, friends iPods, etc.... her music repetoire has expanded beyond that which I/we control. She sings in the shower all the time and the other night Bart looks over and wonders what she's singing. I let him know with a sigh "Lady GaGa." "But" I continue "it's the one without objectional words/theme - we've discussed the music thing." Then she switches over to Zoe Girl and all is right in the world again. It's hard being the parent of young people. She's making some good choices and for now - shows a lot of respect for the boundaries we have as a family. Very thankful for that. And Bart thought we corrupted her because she sings along with Bon Jovi as we drive along.............

Speaking of Bon Jovi as we drive along: We're singing to Bon Jovi, driving along the little country road to go skiing last weekend when I had to slow waaaaayyyyy down. There was not only on-coming traffic but also a trotting horse coming at me. BIG trotting horse w/ rider coming in my lane - following the people rule of walk toward traffic for safety. But where am I to go with traffic passing me on the left and a horse moving toward me head-on? I was able to pull over to the left a bit and horse passed on by - it never slowed down. Huh?

And I mean BIG horse. These are not Mustangs or Arabian/Thoroughbred breeds. Most riding horses here are big boned and Tall - with exception of the riding ponies (most are size of a small horse). Fun to watch but not moving toward you head-on. :)

Honestly, I'll miss the horses on the road when we move back someday. And the horses waiting their turn at the round-abouts and the wander wegs (walking paths) and the sidewalks.....Guess what part of horses on the sidewalks I won't miss! :)

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Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

Maybe your "ski knees" and "golf elbow" just complete the "sporty calf" package?!?! I still think of you when I try on boots and have to zip them over my sporty calves!

Sorry it's so so cold there! We are starting to thaw a bit. Now comes the Spring flooding! Iowa!