Tuesday, February 02, 2010

We took a wrong turn...

Today, a school mom friend and I went to check out a new "Outlet shopping Mall" about an hour out of Zurich. Landquart is the jumping off place for those going to Klosters/Davos. I thought we were heading for the 'regular Swiss' warehouse-like 'outlet' stores. Note - one goes "Outlet" shopping in France, Germany, Austria or Italy - not Switzerland.

But today was different - I was pleasantly surprised. It bore a striking resemblance to Outlet Malls in the States (with snowy mountains surrounding it) - and even, for Switzerland, had some low(er) prices and different items. Apparently, since opening, the Mall has been a subject of controversy - it's open 7 days a week! Sunday hours have ruffled a lot of feathers!

So if you need a variety of different stores, some bargains and happen to be passing by Landquart, stop by the Alpenrhein Village.

BUT - as we left the Village (FYI - have to pay for parking as in most Swiss parking lots) we took what appeared to be the exit. It had the little ticket collecting machine and the bar went up and off we started. It was a strange little road. Complete with narrow channel-like drive under a bridge. We joked about how it was good I wasn't driving a Suburban it was so narrow.

The road (no other turns or exits) ended at a series of buildings labeled: Kadaversammelstelle.

I hope I don't get a lot of weird hits by posting that word.

English speaking friends, you should be able to figure out the first part. Yep. Same as our word "cadaver." And the second part 'sammelstelle' basically means "collection place" - normally used in conjunction with garbage collection/used clothing collection. Uh, Oh!

Then we saw the "Tier" sign which is "animal" - so we took a trip to the Outlets and found ourselves at the deceased animal disposal facility. How many of you know where that is in your neighborhood? Oh - we were laughing hard. And the only way back around to the main street, alongside the parking lot, was on a bike path.

We looked back and saw an additional exit from the parking lot but, seriously, there was no warning or indication that the exit we took would lead anywhere but in direction of the main road. ????????????????

There are days............ :)


MOM E said...

Sooo funny, you won't forget that adventure for a long time. ... It's in the genes, I recall your father taking a wrong turn and ending up driving through a city park in Germany on a sidewalk.....about the mall...any shoes/boots?

Judy said...

Oh. My.

Carol said...

You had me laughing out loud