Monday, February 01, 2010

Igloo Fun

Today - I am very thankful for the gentleman who came to fix a little electrical glitch with the heating system. I am thankful it happened on a Monday morning and not - say, Saturday night. Which would have caused us to be without heat - until Monday morning.

Because as much as it sounds like a 'cool' idea, this is not how I like to live:

This new addition to our household space went under construction yesterday afternoon. We decided we had a 'little' snow on the patio and, while it really looked pretty, it should be put to constructive use.

Laborers (Mom labored when not taking pictures): Bart working on an expansion as we quickly realized, the girls are a bit bigger than we thought. So - we now have an igloo on the patio which houses two young ladies who can sit up in it and stretch out. First pic shows the final product complete with additional snowfall from last night. Hmmmm, "if you girls don't stop that, you're going to go sit in the igloo!" That probably sounds like a reward instead of a punishment, doesn't it?

I thought a visual of the garage situation helps with the story from last week. No room left on the left side to put any snow. And I was soooooooo right and the SnowMan sooooooo wrong as it continued to snow - til sometime last night. Off and on. If we get much more snow, we might add onto the igloo for the grown-up kids. :)


Susan said...

Great job on the igloo!

Linds said...

Love it! The snow is due to start falling again here tonight, and Wednesday looks like mega snow. So maybe you could start drawing up plans for the next igloo!

Olson Family said...

Linds - we've already had more snow tonight. At least it stopped long enough for them to get snow piles off the street - they're running out of space to put it in town and taking it out via lorries (is that a proper plural for lorry? I'm working on my 'English' as well as the German) Wish we could do a Titlis Igloo - then we'd let the girls sleep in it!

MOM E said...

Wow, even the Hog Boss is impressed with those blocks of snow...good job!