Friday, February 12, 2010

We're off to see the Mountains...

Ski's, ski-boots, poles, helmets - 4 pair; Ice-skates - 2 pair; snow pants - 7 pair (never know when you need a spare); jackets - 4 pair; countless long-johns, fleece, turtlenecks, wool socks, etc...; and books, games, entertainment items...... For 1 week.

Obviously not going to a tropical destination during the Ski Week holiday. We are going here: To see what our favorite hiking grounds look like all covered in snow.

So - almost everything is stuffed into bags and I'm sure the girls are tired of me saying "If you don't really, really need it; we aren't dragging it up the mountain."

Wengen is "car-free" so we drive to Lauterbrunnen, park in the giant parking garage and take the train up to the village. Then we will get a little 'taxi' to get our stuff to the rental. The taxi's are, hmmm, bigger than a golf cart and utility oriented - I'll have to take a pic. I hope the pic's will be good. Decided not to take the big camera as it will be soooo cold and it becomes a hassle - we'll see how the little one does.

Praying everyone stays healthy and safe - no injuries this year!!!!! I'm taking it easy as the knee is still cranky.

We'll be skiing/winter hiking this instead!


Linds said...

Have a wonderful time!

Kathy said...

Hello - I just moved to the Zurich area from the US and I'm missing Joanne fabrics, as I see you have too. Can you tell me where the fabric and notion stores you mentioned are?

Much appreciated. Hope you have a good time skiing/hiking.