Tuesday, February 09, 2010


And I'm not talking about hair!

It's that crazy, loud, entertaining sport that involves heaving a giant weight across the ice and by way of brushing the ice frantically with brooms, getting it across a finish line. Yay, go team. Do we have a US curling team?

There are 11 curling lanes/rinks in Wengen. 11!!! And competitions! I know most of you have never heard of/seen Wengen but it's the home of the annual Lauberhorn Downhill ski race (go Mr. Miller!) and is a quiet, car-free village above the Lauterbrunnen Valley - great view of the Eiger. It's a small village. With 11 curling lanes!

AND - I already checked the viewing schedule for the Olympics while we're in Wengen - we will be able to watch curling almost every, single night. The boring sports such as downhill skiing, ice-skating, ski-jump and hockey appear to follow a day-time schedule. Good thing we'll be able to ski, ice-skate and take winter hikes during the dull parts.

Hmmmm - maybe a week will give me an appreciation for the sport. It appears that I'll be watching it - like it or not. :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry I'll be missing out on the Curling but if you get tooo bored those girls of yours play a pretty good game of scrabble...I was so hoping to wear all my USA Logo gear from the Salt Lake Olympics..Next Year!!

Makila said...

Ben loves to watch curling! for real.