Friday, January 30, 2009

Lucy Pevensie, Hermoine Granger and Suzy Chapstick present....Friday

Momma broke out the sewing machine this week so that Lucy Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian) could attend "Favorite Character Dress-up Day" for Book Week. As C.S. Lewis does not include an exact description of his character's apparel, we had to be inspired by the movie. Now if I could be as inspiring in my writing as C.S. Lewis...... And Hermoine Granger was ready for Hogwart's today. She wanted to wear the tie 3 days ago but I x-nayed that. I winged the tie - thank you mom for the sewing lessons so very long ago. This is a fun day for the kids and bonus - it doesn't come with bagfuls of candy that I end up throwing out after a month.

Here's the part where I'm going to be a stinker and say: Wish you were here!!!

I'll deal with the guilt of enjoying myself in, say 15 years or so. When the knees are officially worn out. I rejoined "the ladies" and instead of freezing rain and ice this week, we had blue skies and perfect (PERFECT!!!!!!!!) snow. OK, I'm done being a brat.

As you can see behind me (above) and in the distance below: the 'Nebelmeer' or 'Sea of Fog.' This fog covers everything about 800ft and below - especially on the lakes. It has been a dreary winter with the cold and fog. Most people head up to the Mountains to escape on the weekends. If you're going to be cold anyway, might as well make it cold and sunny.
Just for fun - the frozen fountain in Zurich. You have to 'find' it. Right behind the Tommy Hillfiger and Gucci stores - no, I didn't buy a thing. But left some fingerprints on the windows.
So ends a busy but nice week. As I write this, there are 5 little girls spread out in sleeping bags in the living room watching the UK premiere of a Disney movie - Cheetah Girls. But they are chatting and distracting me from the movie - come on! Quiet ladies! No sleepover though - there's skiing to be done this weekend and none of the parents wish to rush around dropping off/picking up kids at 8am. Whew!
I wish you well and am still trying to catch a picture of the poster I must share - look for "Freedom of Speech" to come soon.


Linds said...

Oh I really wish I were there right now! You are so lucky to have it on your doorstep, Susan! And the sewign lessons really paid off. Well done! The girls look wonderful.

MOM E said...

Wow, good make a mother proud!! And let me be the first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY....have fun skiing and save a little snow for me. Suzy Chapstick..not...she couldn't hold a candle to me!!!

Makila said...

Love the outfits! They are so cute. Bradford and Erin were over tonight for dinner and Bradford was talking fondly of your sweet girls.