Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I took a break

I will share a few more pic's of our Oman trip later this week. I took a bit of a computer break as my Mom flew in on Sat. morning and I put her on a plane home yesterday (Tues.).

We had a great visit. It was just a visit - no skiing, mountain climbing/hiking - just shopping, eating and spending time as a family. As she's coming back in February to stay with the girls and I during Ski Week (and yes, there will be some skiing done that trip!), we had her load up at Target and Walmart for us. She checked 2 bags coming over and her own packing only took up about 25% of the space. She had only 1 bag to check going home.

I think the most popular items with the girls were the 'fruit by the foot' (which I think are nasty and just one good reason to have a limited snack selection here - go ahead and BOO me, I don't care) and the giant box of Fruit Loops. Bart and I were happy with our Crest toothpaste, stash of Dayquil capsules - and a last minute request granted: a Costco size pack of AA batteries. AA batteries run about $.85 per battery here so we were thrilled to get a big, cheap pack. It's the little things we are content with.

The girls and I watched the Inauguration together last night - very convenient with the time difference. Rachel was very interested and asked a lot of questions about Obama's speech. In particular: "Mom, when he said that kids are failing in the schools, does he mean he'll tell the teachers to give them (kids) more time to finish their tests?" Oh that it were that simple. We've had some good discussion (civil rights, freedom of speech and voting, right to disagree but still be respectful, praying for our Nation's leaders) and it has given a sense of pride and community/history to the American students at the school. They (US students) miss out on some of that by being so removed physically - we have to take the time to give them that sense of community.

So another week begins (even though it's Wed. :) and I continue to try and catch up with 2009. I know the Bloggy info. has been a bit dry lately. I am really working on how much time I spend on the computer. There are other things: laundry, photo's, bathrooms, grocery shopping (ugg), bible study, worship schedules, skiing; that are calling my name and the computer has been too compelling in the last few months. So I am setting boundaries. And learning to work better within them. Which means I need to go now.......... :)

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