Friday, January 25, 2008

Same View - Different Looks

This last week provided some beautiful days and beautiful views. These are taken at various times of day - looking in the same direction (SE). The city of Zuerich is the opposite direction and while a nice place to spend the day, our best view is toward the mountains.

This was at about 7:45am and the ripples on the Lake were pretty wild. And it was cold - esp. as I took the pic in my PJ's. Probably accounts for the slight blur as my hands started to freeze. Couldn't be bothered to put on a coat. And NO - nobody is watching the crazy American lady in PJ's out on her terrace. There'll all inside eating their gipfel's (croissants) and drinking their morning expresso/cappucino, reading their 'Zeitung' and trying to understand the US election process. As if theirs makes more sense.... This was taken around 8pm - and it was still cold. But the sky was sooooo beautiful and the moon has been full and incredible this week. My favorite part of the day is when we've locked the front door, turn out the lights and then take in this view before heading to bed. I probably wrote that same statement a year ago. It's still true.
Another AM shot. You can see where all the air traffic is. Which brings up an interesting topic - All our Northern European air traffic comes in from the SW - not the North. Why? might you ask (as if you cared but I'm going to tell you anyway). Because Germany does not wish to share it's airspace with Switzerland and thus flights going in and out of Zurich must avoid any pretense of being anywhere near Frankfurt or Munich. See - the Germans and Swiss have a mutual thing about each other and it's not always complimentary depending on who you talk to - maybe another day for that topic, especially as I don't want to generalize unfairly. And this at about 4pm - Yep, it's still cold.
And although it's cold, it's not as cold as our friends have it in IA so we shouldn't really complain. Except most people like to complain about weather and we are no exception. But I do love the snow and pretty sky that the cold brings with it so I'll quit complaining now.

Enjoy your day whereever you are! Our God, is an Awesome God - and very creative judging from the view!


Julie said...

Beautiful, beautiful views! You are like Monet, painting the same scene at different times of day and showing the wonder of light and dark and shadows! That's what you were going for, right?!?!
You've seen the view out our back comparison! I'd move there in a heartbeat. I'm a sucker for a great view!
Pray your Sunday was a blessing for your soul, friend!

Olson Family said...

Yeah - Monet - exactly what I was aiming for. Do you think my decendants will sell the pic's for loads of money someday?
And we had another incredible sunrise this morning. So I had to take more pic's. Like every 5 minutes because it kept changing. What will I do with all of them?

Josh & Sarah said...

Wow! Those pictures are incredible. You'll have an awesome scrapbook page (or 2 or 4 or 10) of the views from your terrace!