Monday, January 21, 2008

The Big Island - Part II

Back to HI - Bart and I say this was the best trip to HI so far. The other trips were great too - sister's wedding, Christmas '03, etc... but this is the first time we've had fun, real fun, with our kids on the islands.

They're both good swimmers now and we went boogey boarding and snorkeling and swimming. Bart and I could actually sit by the pool in conversation with each other or some random guest and not have our eyes glued to the water every moment. Freedom at the pool. And at the ocean - no one crying about how there are waves at the ocean (dare I say, DUH!!).

We found that Rachel loved snorkeling with Bart. Her mom too but just snorkels when the water and sun are perfect. Otherwise, there are dark shadows and shadowy things and fish in your face and mom quickly swims back to shore while trying not to admit that she's just short of a panic attack. I'm glad I'm a strong swimmer. And fast enough for my age. I'd hate to admit any weakness. :)

Rachel was a natural with her little board and should I find the picture, I would post her and her posse - a group of 3 boys of the same age that were also out there. It was too cute - and I guess a sign of things to come. Good news is - she was holding her own and not acting silly - just being one of the guys.

Kendra has her attack face on - probably said "that was awesome!" or something equally loquacious (see, I'm trying to get Junie B. Jones out of my head and using BIG words). She did get rolled a couple of times by the waves - "always watch the ocean", "always stay on your board." She's learning.
Bart and Rachel out snorkeling. It's really cool to watch them out there together. Enjoying each other's company. I spend so much time with the girls that it's great to see them connect with Bart in areas where I can take a back seat. Otherwise known as working on my tan with a magazine while they float in the water - far out in the water.

It's not that I don't want to snorkle. I like snorkeling. When I can see about 20 - 30 ft in front of me, and the sun is shining through clear water and I can see the fish coming toward my face. Instead of suddenly appearing in front of my face. That's all.

Funny Conversation and proof that our children are learning in school:

Road Sign in Kona - Construction - 250 feet

Rachel: What 250 feet?

Parent: You know, they are telling us that in 250 feet there's going to be road construction.

Kendra: But whose feet did they use to measure it with? (Background - she had to measure everyone's foot to see how that would make a difference if it was used for a measurement)

Parent: Well, like you measure with a ruler. One foot is 12 inches. So they measured the distance and it's 250 feet per the ruler. Not someone's actual foot.

Rachel: Oh - so like measuring in meters?

Parent: Yes - it would be something under 100 meters, like 80 - 90.

Rachel: OK. That makes sense.

Tis True. Our kiddo's are getting more comfy with metric. And quite honestly, why didn't the US make the conversion when there was still time? Having to use both - the metric is easier in certain ways. But that's just a personal opinion. I like my weight in kg!


Julie said...

Hey Susan!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I felt "pecial!"
I'm seriously jealous of the wonderful work Jason did on your blog...beautiful! Maybe I need a hobby, but I frequently "check in" on you and it takes just a little sting out of missing you guys so so much! I saw in the Parks and Rec brochure a class on potting flowers...wish you were here! hugs to all! -J

Anonymous said...

wow so wierd to see them boogie boarding and snorkling.. they are growing up.. love it -jnk

Josh & Sarah said...

Josh would second your motion for the switch to metric!