Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Bday Bart!


I'll let the readers figure out which BIG birthday this was. Although he knew we were going somewhere, his co-workers and I have been torturing him with various hints such as ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, dressing warm and bringing the ski helmet, etc.... He was relieved to find himself accompanied by me (Susan) and various co-workers, neighbors and church friends to a Mediterranean restaurant in Rapperswil called La Fuente. He was pleasantly suprised and everyone enjoyed a different venue as no one besides myself and friend K had been there.

We enjoyed a Tapas buffet then main course and dessert - chocolate Sacher tortes or fruit torte. It was all YUMMY. And I wish many of you reading this could have shared this event with us.

It's times like these I really miss: 1) many of our friends and family who would be with us on such events and 2) our own house to entertain such number of people in without worry about the neighbors/noise.

So Happy Birthday Honey! I love you, our girls love you and I am so thankful to God to be married to you. You make me laugh, enjoy life, keep me from getting too serious about the little things and I hope we have another 40+yrs to enjoy this great adventure together. I'm a lucky lady.

PS - We are still trying to get back into the swing of things, needed to get our computer back and feeling like laundry and people have priority over computer time. So am working thru stuff and will get back to regular posts VERY soon. And emails. I promise.

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