Monday, November 26, 2007

Where's the Turkey?

You're lookin' at it! This year, I didn't find a whole turkey in our local grocery. And by time I was seriously looking, it was too late to go into Zurich and purchase a small turkey for 80 - 100 chf. I also spent some time driving around Horgen trying to find the "chicken man" to no avail. Soooo, there was Turkey Scallopini instead. They sell about any kind of meat ready to schnitzle.
But there was dessert! Chocolate cake will become an additional dessert tradition as Kendra listened to me discuss the apple and pumpkin pie and then said "I don't like pie. But I do like chocolate cake." For dessert, we invited another US KPMG family and our Swiss neighbors who enjoyed seeing what Americans do/eat for a holiday. We explained as they came in that the TV would be on (rather rude in Switzerland) as our tradition includes:

FOOTBALL!!!! while we eat dessert. So we watched some Thanksgiving day football as well - notice how dark it is here for this afternoon game!
Mom and I got a little skiing in on Friday. Hard and a bit icy in the morning as we had a couple warm days. But it softened as the sun came up and we took some good runs before lunch - and the clouds rolled in. You can see the clouds behind us here - we took our last 2 runs in white-out conditions and decided that we didn't need vertigo to end our day. We had a great time as it has been about 11 years since we've gone skiing together. It was a wonderful and relaxing visit.

But poor Mom, wearing my perfectly good but circa 1993 Obermeyer ski jacket. Guess it's time I invest in newer model should I decide I don't want to wear my parka?

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MOM E said...

The ski clothes only matter if you can't ski or you're cruising the lodge @ Squaw.