Friday, November 16, 2007

A Week to Forget

Flowers that Bart ordered for me (& girls) to have delivered before he even knew what kind of week it would be. They are beautiful and we are sooooo looking forward to his return tomorrow morning - 10 days. A long time no matter where you live and what you're doing. The other highlight was the box from my bestest friend in CA - please meet Hannah Montana! No wait, that's Rachel's shirt and belt - ah, the wig. Yes, they can now transform themselves into little Hannah Montana's "you get the best of both worlds" and they even let me dance around with them - FUN! But I haven't tried on the wig yet :).
And look at our pretty first snow. Ski resorts are opening up between this weekend and next - I'm ready!
Those were the highlights.

I think there is only one other week or shall we say 'period of time' that is on par with this week. And with the different moves, travels, etc... I've had a few experiences but this sticks out - as far as torturous Mommy memories go. I think back to the time I went to the family cabin with the girls - Rachel a toddler & Kendra under a year - and Max. It was winter and Gma Vel was there for a day or so and when she went back to Sacto., we stayed on. I did this several times before any school was involved and always felt perfectly safe as we had Max to guard us - it always worked out great. Here's Max w/ girls a couple years back:

The morning we were to head back to San Ramon, I packed all our luggage in the Suburban, broke the port-a-crib down, did the 'cabin cleaning' we do when we leave and then let Max out for one last 'relief". At that point, Rachel decided to get sick. And Max came back smelling of something so very noxious that he had chosen to roll around in. And we had 2 hr drive home to look forward to. So I clean Rachel up and then proceed to march outside - where there is a foot of snow on the ground - and bathe Max because I couldn't handle the smell. And proceed to say a few choice words to him about how I didn't care that he was cold and freezing getting a bath in the snow and that he deserved it and if I had to be miserable, so did he. Told him didn't I?

Fast forward to this week: I was fine until Mon. when the cable went out (no phone or internet), and got frustrated with being able to understand people but not being able to express myself - in German, and dealing with a discipline issue I just didn't want to deal with (but did of course because that's what parents do), and late arrivals of technicians turning into late kids to school and - well I could go on. It culminated this evening with Kendra losing her dinner in the back of the car. At least we weren't moving. And Rachel was able to take care of Kendra in the house while I was all the way down in the garage cleaning things up - at 9:30pm. Somewhat glad Bart wasn't here but at the same time - certain things are harder to work around.

Right now, I would love a garage that was attached to my house. And big closets like we had before. And I know of several dear friends who are in either financial or physical difficulties right now and so all my small challenges combined are really nothing in the big scheme of things. But I am grateful to a husband who thinks to send flowers before he even knows I need them. And thankful to a God who helps me handle it all even when I don't want to. Thankful, Thankful - and next week - Thanksgiving! Yeah - Mom is coming for a visit. I must find a turkey. Yeah - and I need a trip "home" which I will thankfully get in a month.

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