Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The box is here!

I couldn't wait to post again as my doorbell rang (while I was putting all my freezer items back into the newly thawed out freezer) and 'the box' had arrived. $115 and just brimming with things we cannot get here - or get cheaply that is. It's a big box.
And here are our goodies:
The 2 pairs of cowboy boots (1/2 off on Sierra Trading post) are an input error on my part - I meant to order one pair. But God must have had a hand in it as he knew that Kendra would want a pair as badly as Rachel - and mom loves the cowboy boot so...... Along with Mac'n'Cheese, various 'drugs', socks, undies, shoes, sno-boots, a jump-rope (please email Bart soon and ask him how many times he's jumped), Ziploc's (see prev. blog on $$$ - a box of 20 baggies costs me 2.80chf - I promise to stop now), razors, Ranch Dressing Mix, gifts (please don't ask the girls about any items on this post :) ) and chocolate chips (milk? not semi-sweet?). I am soooo grateful to Bart for picking all of this up! Note to self - semi-sweet on list for next time. Don't be defensive - you don't make the cookies so how would you know.
Below is the stash my sis brought in her luggage in Sept. Emptied most of their suitcase with this stuff. We are not kidding about the lists that go to visitors/spouses when traveling back & forth. We rationalize that they just have more room for souvenirs when they leave. Yeah - we'll be packing light when going home for Christmas. :)
Notice a theme: Ranch dressing and Mac'n'Cheese. Truly American food products!

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Mom E said...

I hope someone bails me out if I get in trouble with TSA....honestly, MR. TSA, those metal cans only contain evaporated milk...ever made a pumpkin pie? Wish me luck!!