Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ouch! That Hurt!

This is what I found when I went to the dinner table after Bart set it on Sunday night.

The morning sermon was on the Christian Walk and Marriage. I'm pretty sure Mr. Cary spoke about "husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church" from Ephesians 4. Not sure I want to ask Bart to set the table again - any thoughts?

What's worse - Kendra and Rachel decided it was an easier way to deal with the butter knife the rest of the evening. So now I not only have to re-train them, but I have to look at a 2-inch slice running down that big pat of butter. I know - there are still worst things to worry about - like Rachel burping as though she were in a frat house.

What really hurt was today's visit from "die Post." Another box arrived! From Gymboree! After 1 1/2 yrs of living here, 'smuggling' things thru customs or shipping large "gift" boxes from family and friends - I decided I would order something and ship it internationally from a company willing to do so.

I got a great deal on a jacket, jeans and 2 shirts - $64 was my total. And I gulped a little at the $20 international shipping but figured I got such a good deal, even $84 was still a good deal for what I purchased. And I figured since my merchandise total, etc... was under 100chf, that surely there would be little if any VAT on the box (value added tax).

OOOOOHHHHH! How naive I am. And how thoroughly whipped and never to even be tempted to do that again! 27chf later - Yes! Twenty seven Francs later (might as well be $27 at this point considering the dollar is now 1.09 to the 1 chf) - I am allowed to have my box. And the worst part - I don't even know what I am paying the 27chf on. I can see I was charged 10 chf just for them letting the box into the country - but the rest????? Considering the receiver never sees all the customs paperwork that goes with the box, I don't know if I've been charged tax on the $64 worth of merchandise (oooowwwweeeeeee), the cost plus shipping of $84 OR did Gymboree declare the full value of merchandise for me to be taxed on. Das is sehr teuer und schlimm!!!!

Yep! Won't be doing that again. The girls better wear it ALOT because I'm not sending it back!

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