Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What US American Idol viewers are missing!

OK - I am taking time out of my packing and weeding to deal with these totally unimportant bits of information.

Number 1 - The cute lady above is Cat Deeley. Since we watch all our TV via UK satellite, even our US shows come with UK commercials or a UK twist of some kind. Cat covers American Idol for the UK - complete with contestant interviews, special guests, etc... I think they need time fillers as there are not nearly sooooo many commercials with UK TV. She is cute, but normal, and funny and able to poke fun at everyone in a way both sly and sweet. Great added entertainment.
Number 2 - The real reason I am updating the blog is for the May Day explanation. It is apparently NOT a Protestant vs Catholic holiday but my mistake is explained as many of the Catholic Canton cities DO NOT take this as a holiday. It is basically the same as our Labor Day - with a twist. It comes complete with a parade comprised mainly of Socialists (sounds as though they have a disease - but they don't). And fear of rioting in the streets afterwards. HOW FUN IS THAT!!!
I had Deutsch class this morning during which our teacher explained this. It used to be a day for families and for workers to voice their rights. But over the past years, there have been increasing problems with a group of about 100 or so individuals who show up from all over Europe without official claim that just want to protest all governments and make the day miserable for all. I can think of a church out of Kansas which is doing something similar at the funerals of our US servicemen and women. There are all kinds in the world and it's hard to get rid of the worms that destroy the apples.
Sorry - no pic's of Socialists in the streets. (I'm sure they look like everyone else - but maybe not the small faction throwing paint bottles at buildings and fighting police)
OK - now I am gone.

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