Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Prague post

This past holiday weekend, we spent in Prague. Lovely hotel, cheaper than much of Europe prices and lots of English spoken. We did notice how so many of the service people there were able to switch between 4 -5 languages with ease - whatever they need to communicate. Prague is a big city - 1.2 million and at one time in history (13th Century) was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire. So there was plenty to see and we had enough time there to relax while going from place to place. Highlights were the folklore music/dancing, shopping for the kids souvenirs, exploring the largest Castle complex in the world (Prague castle - King Wenceslas was there), a Mirror Maze and MEXICAN FOOD. Yes, we had wonderful Mexican food in Prague. And stuffed ourselves silly. In fact, we have already put in a request for Mex. food when we are in CA. Miss it, Miss it!

Would like to return and do a few things the girls wouldn't have enjoyed as well (ex. the Communist museum). We did try to explain a little to the girls about the restrictions that Communism placed on the people after seeing a moving, sculpture piece dedicated to the victims of Communism. Which then led to us/me mentioning Cuba and that just opened a flood of questions - sometimes being a parent is a lot of hard work. It was our first visit to a former communist country. It was interesting to think about how life must have been different and see how they are still catching up. We are so fortunate to have grown up the way we did and in the country we did.

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Mom e said...

What cute guards they have in Prague, the one in the middle needs to smile a little. Looks like a nice place to visit.