Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Make Mine Red? a hair blog

A blog just for people-watching amusement:

Well - I've not had my hair highlighted since my favorite hair person in the world, Danielle, did it last June. After month 5, I no longer really cared about whether I got it re-colored or not. Mind you - until 2 weeks ago, I had only had my hair cut once in Switzerland - in October. And I am an every 6 -8 week kind of hair-cut girl. But not since I moved to Switzerland:

  1. The cost is just a LITTLE bit more than I am used to in the States. And I was unable to communicate my desires well - need a Deutsch lesson in hair speak.
  2. I had not seen many haircuts that I liked - most people go with either the natural hair look (not real done up) or it is "uber" styled modern.
  3. If you have ever traveled to parts of western/eastern Europe, you know to be extremely cautious about letting anyone get within 20 feet of your head with hair colouring. Especially if you are a brunette. If you haven't had this opportunity - you are forwarned!

Well, I finally found Niall, an Irishman, in Zurich who seems to cater to the Expat (in case I've never defined = an expat (expatriate) is a person living/working in a country that is not their homecountry) community hair needs. He had my hair cut, dried and I was out the door in less than 1 hour for 20 - 30 chf less than the SwissMiss had charged (she took 2 hrs!!!!!). But he did comment "Sooo, are you letting your highlights grow out or.........(silence)." I took that to mean that while the hair probably looks fine in a ponytail, it is not looking so hot when styled and definitely not from the back. So he convinced me that no, he would not use red or eggplant on my hair, he would only highlight it, and that I should not be frightened. So I go next Mon. and pray I do not show up in Des Moines/CA looking like a pumpkin.

If you think I'm exaggerating, please observe the following - pic's taken in Prague but these lovely shades from pumpkin orange to eggplant purple can be most commonly (like, a lot) found on tresses in any Eastern Eur. country, Austria, Germany or Switzerland.

Disclaimer: If you are a natural redhead (sister Kris), God bless you and you have beautiful hair! And if you have red, dyed hair that's great. But I am offering up hair that glows in the dark and is not even remotely close to nature - except for maybe the pumpkin or the eggplant. Orange-ish, Pink-ish
Mature woman's eggplant with purple hue.
I know there is orange hair in nature - this was not it. Red - Orange
And the orange, burgundy, pink & blond streaks.

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