Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm back - Several Things

I feel like dispensing lot's of info. today

1. Just in case anyone was wondering how the whole "May Day" socialist parade and events turned out: Bart said the KPMG building made the Zurich newspaper as it had 1st floor windows broken and had been pelted with paint. LOVELY. Nobody hurt - it was a holiday. Bart and the guys/gals were working at the Credit Suisse offices a bit away - with the blinds drawn - and had no problems.

And glad the elections in France are over. Let's hope the Paris trip in 2 weeks is a good one and sans riots, etc... What a memory that would make.

2. I am writing this blog and listening to concrete drills all at the same time. But it will be over soon for one hour as it is11:57 and the workers will break for lunch. Our neighbors directly below us are gutting their flat - it would have been nice to have been told, even if it wouldn't change our circumstances. Houses here are made of concrete, filled brick - not wood studs and drywall. Sooooo - having the flat below us gutted is similar to having road construction being done; in the house! It started when I left for NY last week (unbeknowst to me - Bart informed me real quick) and it continues. Every sound echoes, things vibrate and at times I wonder if I will end up falling thru the floor as if in an earthquake. It's truly a relaxing and pleasurable existence. I keep thinking a job wouldn't be so bad between 8 to 5 right now. Even now, the lunchtime begins - Ahhhhhh, quiet. I need to find out how long this is going to last.

3. Sis and I at dinner in NY - our birthday gathering. We had a really nice time in NY; great weather, fun shopping, good eating, lots of walking, blowing bubbles on the Subway (none of us act our age), theatre shows and enjoying each others company. Her mom and friend Alisha flew out with her and then my mom joined us at the end of the week. Although the people watching, etc... is good in the Times Square area, I think our favorite spots were Soho and the Lower East Side for shopping and food. And our celebrity sighting was shopping in Soho: Brooke Shields. Who, I might just add, is older than the birthday we happen to be celebrating - just trying to make ourselves feel a little younger :).

I really made an effort in the shopping department. Things just cost more here in Switz. so I tend to not go shopping much. If I do, it is very specific. They do not have the quantity of items and thus not the sales to go along with unloading vast amounts of merchandise - Jan. and August are the sales months and there is little inbetween. Soooooo - I avoided places like the GAP - I have only so much room in my suitcase. But, as fate would have it, Sis wanted some new white t's and our last stop in NY was at the GAP in Times Square. And I almost got sucked into the black hole called GAPkids but fortunately, my left brain took over and all I came out with was 1 top per girl - at one point I was holding 2 tops and pants per girl. But, they don't really NEED much for this season and even for next winter are pretty well covered (they are not growing like weeds). I come out with the little bag and Sis said "I wondered, I told my mom you were in trouble as soon as you walked into that department." But really, my will power was only great as we will be in the States come mid-June and I expect to be doing my part to stimulate the economy then. Bart can help lug suitcases home then - hee, hee.

Bart and the girls did fine but I really missed them. And am really missing Rachel as she had already departed by time I got back to Waedenswil. But - am getting quality time with Kendra and will get some with Rachel when she returns.
4. This is Kendra enjoying her new PJ's that match the PJ's of her American Girl Doll that she got for Christmas. She is sooooo happy and you have to understand, much of the appeal of these particular PJ's are that they come complete with night cap. Two years ago at preschool (or church), the kids all had Santa Hat's they wore for their Christmas performance. Kendra liked hers so much, she would wear it to bed - and still does. Not every night but more than one would think. So we got this PJ set for her doll and then decided she must have one too. So I made the dutiful trek to the AGD store on 5th Ave. (little posh for dolls don't you think - right near Saks) and purchased a couple wishes the girls had.
5. Mom and I after Chicago. We enjoyed the shows (saw Wicked the night before) and I managed to stay awake during them all. It's hard recovering from a 6 hr time change and watching shows in dark theatres.
6. Look at this ball of sweet prickliness.
I was in the back with the landscaper and we noticed that this poor hedgehog had landed in our pool and was pacing trying to find a way out. Herr Zellweger assured me they don't bite, it would roll up into a ball and I could lift it out with a towel. Of course, the cutest pic's were after I took it out of the dingy looking pool so... I rescued it and must return to rescue the lizards as well. Hard part with lizards is you have to wait til their half dead because otherwise they just keep running away from you. The toads are easier. The pool may not be filled as we are sure it must be replastered and we are not sure when/if the landlord will do this soon or drag their feet. So we have a large hole in the ground to trap unsuspecting animals in. The cats do jump in but can jump out as well. And we won't mention the mouse that goes in and out via the drain pipe - at least it's not in our house!


mom e said...

Loved the pics, Kendra looks so cute and happy with her goodies. Try floating a piece of wood for the silly lizards, perhaps they can rescue themselves.... Bart's Bose headset and Ipod might offer some relief against the jack hammers...just full of ideas aren't I!!

Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

i mistook an endanger blue tongued lizard as a snake in our backyard and bashed it with a shovel... and unfortunately i just really injured him with the first couple of whacks, then to find out it wasn't a snake and had to finish him off... i felt really bad.

Olson Family said...

You should feel bad J&K. Not that I haven't taken my own whacks at undesirable critters but at least they weren't endangered! Feelin' bad, Huh, Huh?
And I have been wearing the Bose headsets - weird when cooking - can't hear things frying/boiling. Makes vacuuming more enjoyable, can hear the humming in my head and I NEVER hear the phone. Not that anyone calls anyway. We get about 10 calls/wk - and 5 would be from Bart telling me what train he's catching!