Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tram & Alps

OK - Here is our mode of transport uphill if we don't feel like climbing 100 stairs. Our little tram/lift - we still have a few stairs after that. Am hoping for little/no ice this winter!
Other pic is from our first "road trip" thru the mtns nearby - We live in Switzerland!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing - and yes, cows in the road (many are wearing bells). They get freedom and the right of way in the high country. They will be moved soon to the lowlands for winter. We are hoping to check out that event in one of the villages if we can.


Josh & Sarah said...

Your girls are absolutely beyond adorable in their Asian dresses!

LOVE the picture of the cow in the road amidst the alps and homes. What an opportunity to live where you are...

Anonymous said...

Oh, this pic is really cute