Monday, September 11, 2006


Woke up this morning to a giant crane in the parking lot. I guess this has to do with the letter re: unit 57, something about no parking on Sept. 11th, lot of german words I didn't understand - now we know what it was about! Looks like a neighbor is removing a lot of big rocks from their "roof." Our roof is also landscaped - rocks, trees and skylight covers.

And it is Sept. 11th - an anniversary for our Nation. May God bless and keep our troops, President and all those involved in keeping our Nation safe and protecting its borders from terrorism. And let us not forget our responsibility in voting for our leaders in government, local and national - regardless of belief, the wrong vote is the vote not cast.

And, it is still Sept. 10th in Hawaii as I write this. I am thinking of my(Susan's) family which has just enjoyed a day at the Water slide park in Kapolei in celebration of nephew Tavanni's 1st Birthday. I hope they all had a great time, I hope Tavanni felt well, that my sister Deb has survived and all the travelling family gets back to the mainland safely. Kris and I both wish we could be there - one of those sacrifices you make when moving to other parts of the world is not being able to attend certain family events. Little jealous - would love to be at the lagoons with them. But we do have our "artistic version" of the lagoons hanging in our living room so we can always enjoy via imagination. Love to you All!

Well - Kendra has a temp, I am missing a Room Parent meeting and we are both hungry so - Adios!

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