Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sound off

Don't most people have days when the sun is shining and you just want to let loose with the car stereo, put the windows down and go a "little" faster. Yesterday was that day - I needed some tension relief - everything is soooo controlled and proper and on time here (I like it, most of the time) - it felt good (I held off on the speed - do NOT want a ticket). I am sure I was the ONLY person on the road singing with the radio and rapping on my steering wheel - I never see anyone do this here. We are trying to figure out what people do to let off steam in Switzerland - they are usually contained, fairly quiet (exc. kids are really loud outside), mannerly (exc. they will cut you off in line if you are not quick - I'm learning to stand my ground) and will tell noisy teenagers on the train to "be quiet." Is this the source of their longer life span? We are the loud Americans - sometimes it's fun to be loud (just not at your own house because then a neighbor might call the Polizei to come tell you to be quiet - they will not confront you themselves).

If anyone is interested in listening to a good message on Examples to Follow from Thessalonians, they can go to my sister & bro. in laws website and listen to Jason's message to the Calvary Chapel in Albany, Australia. It is good and for me, great to hear his voice. I need to get them to put a song of Kris's on (if you are reading this Kris & J - hint, hint). If you don't have the link, email or comment on my blog.

And - an apology of sorts. IF you don't like my long blog stories - well, I can't help it. Its just me and I find I am a person who enjoys words - or well have Bart start updating but then it just wouldn't happen :). I love to read and am finding reading comes easier to me in German than hearing - my verbal comprehension is slow! But we are working on it. So that's that. So must go to get ready for the day - lunches to pack, get dressed, Bible Study, more weeding if the weather allows. I'm excited about our study "Jesus, the One and Only." Throughout the Bible, there is a consistent message which John puts so simply in his gospel "Jesus said to him 'I am the way the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me." John 14:6(NAS) What a great way to start the day. Love to all.


Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

thanks for that.. keepin you guys in our prayers.. we do miss you

MoMe said...

Now you understand what it was like in Germany when we (and 6 of our good friends) barbequed burgers and played loud music on the 4th of July in the front yard at Knowltons. We invited the neighbors but they preferred to stroll by and stare.. we were young and clueless...go ahead and sing to the radio...but what's your excuse?