Friday, September 08, 2006

A couple beautiful days

As Kendra put it "We're not in Iowa anymore." We had some wet days which resulted in snow in the Alps and made for beautiful views from the terrace when things cleared up. Do I admit I have breakfast outside after I drop the girls off at school? And that I love my expresso machine?

As any reader has gathered by now, there are challenges to living outside your own country as well as things you learn to love. One challenge is figuring out which cheeses available are your new substitutes for Skim/Dry Mozzerella, Monterey Jack, Cheddar (does anyone in the US realize that cheddar is naturally white and not orange - I didn't til I left!), etc... But the part that is fun is trying all the yummy (and not so yummy) cheeses. And all the cheeses here still have their rinds on when you buy them - where do all the cheese rinds go back in the US?

We did have a dinner adventure tonight. We like a potato dish here called 'rosti' (roo schti) that is like a potato pancake/hash brown type of side that is considered "typical Swiss." I usually buy the plain kind but saw some yesterday with appenzeller cheese in it and decided to try it. Well, after stinking up the house cooking it, not finishing it on my plate, Bart getting thru 2 bites and Rachel declaring it smelled like someone just ------ (passed gas) while holding her nose, I promised NEVER to buy it again and we dumped it all in the garbage, lit candles and I wiped down all the kitchen surfaces. Kendra politely declared she couldn't eat it but would take some more bread. Fortunately, there was plenty of bread to go around in place of potatoes.

While the Middle East is still in an uproar, the Olson household came to their own Peace Treaty last week. Rachel does all her homework with Mom except for Math - that subject is reserved for Dad. So, this first week has been peaceful and hopefully will continue to be a successful resolution to all out war. Not that Dad is better at math than Mom (I can solve a mean Sudoku puzzle :) ) but she actually listens to him in that subject! Parents do not always make the best teachers. Both girls began a dance class after school and love it. It is nice when they get home from school and say "I had the best time at school today." There have been some minor scrapes, punches (yes, punches - our kid on the receiving end) and stuff but all has been handled well and they are always happy to go to school.

We went to a local bakery today after school. Rachel asked the lady "Haben zie ice, bitte" (Do you have ice cream, please) and the lady showed her right where it was - I was so proud! I messed up my pronunciation of the bread but got what I wanted and was so bold as to ask how to properly pronounce it. Most people are quite helpful (the Swiss feel they are much friendlier than their dour neighbors, the Germans - and vice versa - we maintain a "neutral" position). I think one of my current favorites is being asked to "fix an appointment." That is how the german translates for "make an appointment." So if we come back wanting to "fix an appointment," please be kind.


Josh & Sarah said...

I have a feeling that you are going to get used to that view (or are already?) and coming back to the states is going to be harder than you think... Reading your update and thinking about Bible study starting next week made me a bit homesick for you! Praying for you!

Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

the only white cheddar in the states is at trader joes...yes i didn't know either til we came to australia, cheddar is naturally white!! we have been fooled all this time:) love you and still praying for you - as they say in australia "ta"

AntSoozie said...

Okay the Alps pics are really beautiful ... but look so perfect like digitally altered maybe... Hummm
And, fyi J&K I know where to get white chedder in West Sac
Really enjoyed all the pics and catching up on your blog this morning. Love & Bye