Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Waiting...

Hi Again. I'm still bouncing around trying to figure out what to do first. I'm not very good at quickly putting everything away. Not that there's a lot to put away but I had to wait for the house to get cleaned first. The previous occupants, while very nice people I'm sure, did not really clean the house (vacuum out their bits from kitchen drawers, wipe out refridgerator, etc...) when they left so I felt a bit frozen when we got here.

Bart & I have gone through and sorted ALL the Iowa storage items that came - yes, we will be participating in the neighborhood Garage sale next week. So the garage is looking pretty good and I should really get to my closet. There are only 2 suitcases of stuff to put in there but it's amazing how it explodes all over the floor. My uber-organized husband is not impressed. :)

Our Air shipment has been delayed due to a backlog of cargo being shipped by the airlines. The 7 - 10 day estimate came and went a week ago and so we've been given an allowance for some necessities. We have borrowed some items and our neighbors loaned us some. There are just a few items though that we really could use so we've actually spent a little allowance - I don't typically but, camping is fun for only so long.

I'm sure others could tell stories. I hope ours isn't like the one we heard last night where the cargo containers fell off a ship to the USA via UK - the stuff all at the bottom of the Atlantic. I guess it would be the best reason to go shopping.

I'm off to take the girls out - keeping the boredom at bay.


Susan said...

Waiting is tough. Summer boredom: also tough. I have confidence that you will handle these things, and so much more - with style and grace! Blessings to you and yours!

Braden and Anna said...

Just caught up on all your "aufwiedersehen" blogs. You write so well and hearing your experience about leaving CH warms and breaks my heart at the same time. It's a tough transition and YES, Switzerland will always have a piece of your heart. God bless you all in this time of change! I hope you find comfort in knowing that we are thinking of you and praying that God will provide comfort and joy in your new life, back in the US, (especially in this time of transition).