Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Neighbors

Hello Again! It's been a busy week of visiting family and friends. Appointments with contractors (for our house that "is ready to move into") as it needs repainting and some repairs/adjustments. You just never know until you really look at it. We are still 'camping' in the house although the girls got the bean bag chairs for their rooms delivered so that has added seating to our family room or living room - depending on where they want to be.

I promised some pictures so I have some new neighbors for you. Not the kind that will come over for some coffee, but we enjoy their company.

The hill - home to deer, coyotes, big jackrabbits, ground squirrels, turkeys, quail, lizards and yes, snakes: A couple lonely pots left behind - I'll put something in them after Hawaii:

Here they are! The momma's and their chicks. These chicks aren't so little though. These 3 turkey momma's and their 6 chicks roam the neighborhood - front lawns, sidewalks - there are enough dogs they stay out of the backyards from what I can tell.

Here is pappa Quail - isn't he beautiful:

He stands on guard and you can bet that somewhere close by are the momma and chicks in the grass or bushes. Here is the pappa and 2 babies (at right) in our backyard. I need my zoom lens which I forgot to pack in our luggage and is on the slow boat.

And the lemon tree - we're loving that.

We'd love to have our patio furniture - this is where we last saw it:

And we're missing the view:

Still feeling in-between places. I still feel like maybe I'm going to be getting on a plane headed for ZRH and walking into "my" house in Waedenswil. But I'm not. Things are on schedule to have our container delivered to the house on August 15 - praying for no delays. I'm sure it will seem more permanent then. And after the girls start school....

It's a moving process that takes months. Since the beginning of April (before then as far as communications) the process has been in full swing. One looks for a house, the current house must be 'prepared' for packing, you start packing what you need for 2-3 weeks of travel, 2 months for items to get you by until the container arrives, start preparing new house for container items - oops, painter's can't get in until after container arrives, add 1 month after container before things will be up on wall and in place and time for new furniture to be ordered and delivered. A good 6 months of moving and situating things. It's like a full time job. But we take breaks because for 10 and 12 year old girls - not that fun!

But I enjoy taking breaks to watch my new neighbors. I hear that the momma turkey's will teach the babies to fly - hope we get to watch!


Linds said...

I remember moving continents well, and it does take a very long time. We moved into a house less than half the size of the one we left, and that was so hard to get used to, with a 1 year old, a 13 year old and a 9 year old. And a husband in the Far East for the first 6 months we were here. I have NO idea how I coped. Actually, I seem to remember the 40ft container arriving at the front door. It seemed bigger than our house. And once everything was piled inside, I climbed over the lot, and called my friend in Scotland and told her we were arriving for an extended holiday the next day or I would be admitted into a mental hospital. So I packed the car and we left for the north. It was a life saver. It took a few years - but I did get to the point where I could laugh about it!

MOM E said...

I loved Linds comments and her solution, the container no doubt looked smaller in the rear view mirror! Sometimes distance is the key to a clearer perspective. Wish I were closer to help with the there an air mattress for the guest room?

Susan said...

I love the photos of your new neighbors! Reading about your transition reminds me, once again, to enjoy every day here - even the gray ones! One day it'll be my turn to move on, and when that day comes I know that you will have lots of wisdom to share (even if only via the internet) and understanding!

I have great confidence in you - wish I was there to be of help. Meanwhile I'm praying! Heading to St. Arbucks this morning and will be missing you! Say hello to those girlios for me, ok? lots of love, Susan