Friday, July 29, 2011

"Have it Your way"

It’s a funny thing – ordering at a restaurant. One would think it’s not so different. But it certainly is. We really hold up the lines here.

To be fair, we’re not used to such choices. At “home” in Switzerland, one simply orders what one wants from the menu and rarely asks for any changes. Occasionally you ask for something to be left off, mushrooms or pickles for example. For the most part the food is served/made/prepared as the establishment wishes with few changes asked by the customer.

At “home” in the US one has so many choices, it makes the ordering process a bit confusing for those not quite used to it.

We’ve been in Subway and Chipotle recently and trying to get the girls used to the “order it your way" type of restaurant. They are gradually getting there. It’s funny as we’re pretty simple eaters now because of the past 5 years. It's much easier to order a simple ham and cheese sandwich and that's what you're given. Maybe with a little butter or fresh cheese ("frische kaese") and a pickle or cucumber slice but otherwise - ham and cheese on whatever roll they're serving it on.

Again - grocery store is still a challenge - too much! Trader Joe's is becoming my friend - smaller, less choices but good choices AND good, ready to heat up meals for when Bart's out of town and I don't want to cook.

Not that I have much to cook with..................

Have an awesome weekend!


Susan said...

Good Morning! Since I saw you on FB, I popped over here to see if there was a new post - hooray!

Ah yes, food choices. Sometimes a bit overwhelming. I LOVE Chipotle! Mexican sounds good and it's just 7:30 a.m. here! I'm so glad to read that you have a Trader Joe's near you - I think I mentioned before how much I LOVE that place! The customer service/friendliness will knock your socks off! Time for breakfast; this post made me hungry :-)

Patricia ellish said...

Hiya Susan,

So good to be in touch and read your blog! choice? Switzerland keeps it simple which is good but I do love shopping at Waitrose in the UK. Full-on choice! But do we really need it? Not familiar with Trader Joe's but it sounds a more pleasant shopping experience.

Have a wonderful weekend. :) x