Tuesday, March 08, 2011

SkiWeek 2011 - Eats & Animals

As I start this post, I must first share what the "I don't want to move" child said the following day: "I can't wait to move, 'cause then......."

See? Up and down. Thank you for all your kind comments and suggestions. One day at a time.

However, we are wringing enjoyment out of each day as it comes. A lot of pictures again today. I have a picture problem/addiction but often feel that is the best way to describe the experience. I know I enjoy the pic's of others.

One doesn't think "animals" when going for a week skiing. However, with snowfall not to be found and some beautiful sunny days, a country that lives amongst it's livestock will invariably let them out for some fresh air when reasonable.

Now - this little guy isn't alive but considering the obsessive nature of Swiss woodpiles/stacking, I thought this was very fun and clever. This Gent is flashy - a Dapper Dan - a Dandy:
He was out keeping his ladies in line and the other Roosters away - including us:

Ducks were out on their semi-frozen pond enjoying the sun:
The cows and calfs were out of the barn enjoying some fresh air. This precious baby (no teeth yet) liked my hand as well as the saltlick. I couldn't get the girls to let it (looks like a her but I forget) lick their hand. Chickens! Could have left them there in the coop.....
There were more sweet babies! We saw at least 4 newborns in the shed here. The farmers keep them cooped up during the winter except for sunny days - warm in the sun.
And a couple of Ibex were grazing near our rest stop - not close enough for a good pic but you can see the horns:
OK - not a live animal. I would have put him in my bag but he was too big. Perhaps the owners would miss him. Perhaps I will find one of my own.
Now on to the FOOD! I can't fix this picture - it's staying sideways. This was Bart's lasagne for our Valentine's dinner out. It came looking like a giant puff pastry. The server cut off the top crust and it became the bottom layer. On top of it she scooped the layers of cheese, sauce and parma ham? Didn't expect the ham but Bart said it was very tasty. Most interesting looking lasagne we've run across.
Here's a typical lunch out while skiing: wienerli (linked hotdogs/sausages), bratwurst, french fries and whatever the soup of the day is - usually vegetable or barley (always tasty). There are some other favorite lunchtime meals like Roesti and Alpermagrone but no pic's today.
Another soup - special of Mary's Cafe. I have not doctored this photo - that is GREEN soup. Fitting for Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham I think.
At last. The Main Event. Fondue. Just the girls and I because Bart doesn't care for fondue. We LOVE it. Please take note of the bowl of potatoes - Kendra let us have some. She eats them straight - loves them! I like to drizzle mine with a little fondue cheese.....
With every fondue meal comes the traditional pickled onions and well, pickles:
The end of the fondue. Scraped every bit o' cheese out. I even ate the garlic cloves. The girls tried to scrape the bottom cheese layer up - very tasty and it's part of the fondue "culture" so is not poor manners - but it just would not lift.
Me - I got a new hat. Like I need one for the Bay Area.....................
Glorious Evening:
Air is so clear:
Enjoying a break:

Love each and every moment:
In spite of little bumps, this was a terrific week and I'm so glad that we were able to take the opportunity to go once more. And look how big those girls are getting - Rachel and I are almost eye to eye. She can't wait!
Now - to go shoosh the birds out of my blinds again. I understand they need nests but another location would be more desirable........... Shoo!


MoM E said...

Bring on the roesti and the fondue!! Hat looks great too!

Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

I can't believe Rachel is SO TALL! When you see Holly, you will also be dumbfounded with her height. We are now eye-to-eye also.

Pictures are so fantastic. I am not helping with the addiction, but trust me, we watch a lot of the show "Intervention" on A&E, and they have never had an intervention for a photographer!

And one more thing....if you find the hat gets no use in California, I will pay the postage to Iowa! : )