Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Ski Day?

Oh - Where has the time gone? Has it really been a week since I last posted?

I've been on a round of showing the house, cleaning the house to show the house, various other appointments and "leaving" events as Bart is soon to take to the land of sunny skies and mild seasons.

I'll share our last family weekend in the mountains. Boo Hoo! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. We planned a nice 2 day/night outing to Davos - first place we ever went as a family to ski. Bart was busy but managed to arrange things so we could go.

We went up on a Friday night anticipating a nice meal at our hotel with a reservation at the favorite Italian trattoria (Romeo & Juliet) for Saturday night. Glad everyone enjoyed their meal on Friday:
As this was our poor Rachel on Saturday:
Please note!: bucket was NEVER USED! She had complained of stomach cramps before and when we all thought back later, we all probably had some version of this over the course of the preceding week - no symptoms except painful aches and then Rachel did happen to run a fever with it. It wasn't our dinner.
It was decided that we shouldn't waste the beautiful day entirely and that Susan & Kendra would do some skiing while Bart stayed with Rachel. BooHoo. Look at this:
Absolutely perfect blue skies and we knew all that was waiting for us in Zurich was the grey gloom. So Kendra and I got ourselves ready and headed up the ParsennBahn. It was deelightful. But not toooo delightful as we were missing Bart & Rachel. But the snow was really, really good. We hadn't had many really, really good snow days this year. I was still conflicted about having so much fun skiing with the other half stuck in a hotel room. I've begged forgiveness.
And I'm still upset that Bart has never seen this:
Although he's seen it from the other side of the valley (Jacobshorn side) so I guess it's OK.
Have I said how much fun Kendra and I had? She even convinced me to ski in the snowpark - jumps, chutes, etc... Which was fine until I got to the top of the first jump and as I should have been lifting off suddenly thought "What the heck am I doing?!!!! I haven't done this for 20 years!!!" Thus leaning back when taking flight, instead of staying forward. Fortunately. Fortunately, I didn't actually fall (even Kendra will say "well, you didn't really fall") but chose to slowly continue my lean back approach and slid myself to a stop sitting on my right side. It would be hard to say I "stuck the landing" but neither did I blow it. Needless to say, in interest of preserving my future career in skiing, I let Kendra do her penguin jumps and I skiied around them.
She then asked if we could ski to the bottom - into Davos. Oi. My knees didn't like this run last time. She convinced me that if my knees were feeling good at the end of our day that we would do the run. They were still good.
This is Kendra 2 years ago ready for the run into Davos (note - we had a LOT of snow that year so she actually looks taller in this pic):
And this year (last year with this ski jacket :( but she has THE coolest helmet ):
I treasured the time with her. We ended up packing up and saying goodbye to the hotel (and $$$) but were glad to get home as Rachel did start running a fever. She was fine by the next day!
There is so much going on and we are making the best of our family moments until Bart goes - we join him shortly thereafter for some house hunting.
That was probably our last ski bit in Switzerland during our residence here. It was a good one.
You could say it agreed with me:


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I gotta say, I probably would have done the same thing with a sick child. (I always say I'm no Florence Nightingale!) Looks like a wonderful, wonderful time. And so beautiful. Ahhh, Switzerland. I'm sure you are leaving with some mixed emotions.

Susan said...

I love these photos, love that you got to ski with Kendra and have such a fabulous time - and just plain love your family.