Thursday, March 03, 2011

Editorial Comments for the Day

It is March. Already. I wasn't anticipating a speedy arrival but it's here.

The sun is shining today. In Zurich. Let us give thanks.

Yesterday saw the Swiss AirForce racing through the skies time and time again. Wonder how long it takes them to circle the country? 20, 30 minutes? :) Today - it's helicopters. This all equates to noise.

Why does Middle School have to be so hard? At times, I think boys would have been easier. Yet, my parents survived 3 girls!

One of my children has declared "I don't want to move." I told you this would be an up and down ride.

Had an awesome day of Bible study - Paul has been imprisoned and the Romans aren't impressed with his exhortations of self-control. Considering I am working on adjusting/changing some eating habits - convicting and encouraging all at the same time.

We need a new bed. Slept on the guest bed for 2 nights and I feel, oh - so much better. Asked Bart yesterday what's the first thing to buy once we have a house. Bart: "A TV?" Susan: "So you're going to sleep on the floor but at least you'll have a TV?" Bart: "weeellll, yeah. I guess I buy a bed next?" Priorities.

Kendra continues to outscore me in Scrabble even though my words are more "complex." My take from this - "big, simple words rule." In Scrabble at least. I've got to beat her!!!!!!!!!

I saw a flock of geese flying North today. Spring is coming!

I really need to get off the computer now and get something done...............


Judy said...

Middle school was hard for both our kids, but probably the hardest on our son. It's a tough, icky few years for kids, that's for sure. We worked at keeping our relationship with our kids. It's easy to let them go on their own since they can do so much for themselves. One thing I tried with my girl was to write a journal with her. We'd write about what we were thinking and feeling and ask each other questions. I think it was really good for that time period. (I have no idea what she did with it when she cleaned out her room last summer. Darn.)
(just my 2 cents worth...but free for you!)
We got a new bed last fall and it feel soooo good to not wake up with a sore back!

Linds said...

One day at a time, Susan. And i vote for the bed before the TV! You will need the rest!

Mom E said...

I recall teaching Kendra about big scores in Scrabble when we were in Davos...perhaps a timer with a short limit would help...

PS. I "flip" you for the the guest bed when I get there!

Sammy said...

Yuck Middle School. Yuck High School. I SERIOUSLY can't wait for college!

ladyfi said...

A good night's sleep is gold!

Hope the kids soon adjust to the fact that they are moving... I used to hate moving around all the time as a kid.