Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tap, tap, tap....


Tap, Tap, Tap

Is this thing on?

Test, 1, 2, 3 Testing 1, 2, 3

Test, test, test

No - not a sound check for Sunday Morning worship. Just checking out whether I'm still capable of writing a Blog post. Actually, I will have to save this and come back later......

OK. It's later. Tuesday in fact. I started this post yesterday. If I had tried to write a post in the last 2 weeks it would have been a series of starts and stops. Life has been busy and I guess we can conclude that I have successfully stayed away from the computer to take care of other priorities.

We traveled to Florence and arrived home to greet Gma Elaine and her friend C whose flight arrived a few hours earlier. Bart unpacked and repacked so he could catch a flight to Singapore. Then last week started: girls got their flu shots, we went to Luzern, Rachel had small reaction to flu shot so put Mom & C on train to Bern, we walked Zurich, Kendra's piano recital, Rachel's violin recital, Rachel's quartet recital, small Thanksgiving dinner, Bart returns home, Einsiedeln - Kloster & lunch, Dinner in Zurich - credit card lost by waiter, busyness of Saturday, Holiday party, put Mom & Carol on train for airport, go to church to run choir through Singing Christmas tree music (and I am NOT a choir director - it was painful!!! for me!!!) and then have official Thanksgiving dinner with friends (in which the turkey decided to take it's sweet time to be done).

So - In the spirit of Thanksgiving (late but heartfelt), I am so very Thankful for:

  • My husband. Without whom I would not successfully throw birthday or dinner party's. Who cleans up everything but the china - and I'm good with that. Who hugs me and tells me to sit down for a breather before guests arrive and then realizes he has to wake me up because I've laid on the couch and fallen asleep.
  • My children. Who diligently practice their music and do their homework and make me laugh every, single day. Who pack their own lunch when they realize I need help and still need a cuddle in the middle of the night.
  • My Mom and C. We enjoyed their visit - even with our crazy schedule. They helped with dishes and our nice little Thanksgiving dinner and babysat the girls so we could attend the ---- Holiday party. I really enjoyed spending time with them.
  • Beautiful weather. Up until yesterday, we've had very nice weather for November. It was great during Mom & C's visit and they were able to do so much more that anticipated. The heavy, white stuff started falling yesterday.
  • Winter. I like the white stuff. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....
  • Health. We have been very healthy and glad that illness did not come visiting while we had guests.
  • Friends. Love my friends - both in Switzerland and in the States. Looking forward to seeing some of you in Dec.!!!
  • Family. Love my sisters, their families, Dad and In-Laws - and all the rest!
  • Freedom of religion. In spite of what is seen in the media right now, Switzerland does respect one's right to freedom of religion. They just don't want minaret's in the skyline with their traditional church steeples - this does not prevent mosques from being built. This country is steeped in long-standing tradition and they do not find that this particular element fits. In fact, our Bible study group would be classified under "cult" in Switzerland because it belongs to no specifically recognized church - but they don't stop us because we have that freedom. I'm thankful for freedom in Christ which does not require a building or symbol in order to worship.
  • Christmas. The birth of our Saviour and how at this season we focus on the humanity of our Lord. We brought some Frankincense back from Oman with us - will have to take some to Kris and J's fro Christmas. Cool addition to the remembrance.

So many things to be thankful for. I can't even list them all. Will have Florence up next. I actually uploaded the pic's for the post last week but.......couldn't get back to actually put words to it. :)

Wow! I'm done! I finished a post! Publish - NOW

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Susan said...

It was great to find a new post :-)

I appreciate your thoughts about the minaret issue, and I'm thankful for the religious freedom we enjoy here in Switzerland.

Looking forward to photos of Florence!