Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Fog

My head has been IN a fog with sinus trouble. I'm starting to think clearly again and not want to lie down every couple hours. Thank Goodness!

Good news - I heard back from the parent company of the restaurant that lost my credit card. They not only confirmed that my points were well justified but sent along a very generous gift card to use at any of their restaurants as well. It was worth the effort to write and know they do care about customer service after all - not just rely on their reputation as an establishment.

Bad News - last week when Bart returned from NY we had no internet/phone. By the next morning we realized we also had no heat/hot water! A main electric circuit controlling the heating and then affecting the electrical communications for our group of terrace flats had destroyed itself somehow. My poor neighbor - she had phoned that night to warn us of no heat/hot water but at the time did not know the problem had affected the phones- we never got the message. So my girls who took a bath/shower that night - used up any hot water remaining for our 3 connected units. We laughed (she and I). We could because the gentleman had just fixed the electrical for the heating. Poor Bart got no shower that morning - unwise to take cold shower in cold house and walk out into -2 C degrees.

Good news - things were fixed quickly and no one suffered aside from a missed shower opportunity. The internet/phone was out again Fri. night/Sat. but apparently due to Cablecom issues and not ours - maybe Cyber shopping in Switzerland?

So in the midst of our telecommunication issues and getting ready for the Christmas holidays, I thought I'd share some Foggy pic's from a couple weeks ago. We love living above the Lake and each season, each storm - every day is different.

I woke up one morning to this: There is a lake under that fog. The fog sat right over the water.
The sky was perfectly clear above. This is common in winter - the valleys/lake areas are entrenched in fog while the mountains sit in crisp, clear air.
Within the hour, the fog had risen off the Lake - you can see it lifting over Zurich at the left-middle of the pic. The high clouds there are coming from Germany.
Those clouds are moving in toward the Alps (what you see are not the 'big' mountains - only about 6 - 7 thous. feet - true Alps lie behind these ridges) and fog continues to lift over Rapperswil.
Today - the sky is gray and small flakes float around - wind is out of Germ/Austria (NE) and it's cold. It's not snowing, just cold enough that any moisture in the air is frozen and drifts around. I'm home with Kendra who's not really sick but not really well. Best that she get some rest before we travel for the Holidays - nurse at school suggested it so who am I to say no? Cancelled my final shopping plans for the day (supposed to go with Bart :( ) as well as a final coffee with Bible study group. BUT - I am getting other things done - Yippee! Including what may be a snoring post but hey, at least I'm here!


Judy said...

My kids used to say the fog was the clouds coming down to play! Awesome photos!

Susan said...

You have a great view!

I'm glad the restaurant had a kind response to your letter. Good for you.

Have a wonderful Christmas! God bless - and see you next year :-)