Monday, May 18, 2009


  • How do you know you've been discriminated against in Italy? You're drink automatically comes with ice cubes. Which you did not ask for and which no one else has in their glass. Nothing screams American like ice cubes in your soda.
  • The pool renovation will never get done if it doesn't quit raining.
  • The veggie garden will never be happy if it doesn't quit raining.
  • We will be visiting a hot, dry State, the State of 10,000 lakes (yes, we know there's actually more) and the State in which the National Pork Board has it's headquarters aka State of Corn! We finally bought our home trip tickets even in the midst of 'the Permit drama' which is what this year may later be known as. No, we don't know what kind of issues are going to arise as we must wait to hear from the Swiss Authorities - but God does.
  • Chicken pot pie with homemade crust is the best. I can't do it too often or the family will get spoiled. Not to mention they don't have tubs of Crisco here. They do have lard! but I would rather use butter if in a pinch.
  • We are down to our last box of Kraft Mac 'n Cheese. (don't worry, in-laws to the rescue)
  • We are down to our last box of Q-tips from our Costco stash that was shipped over with us.
  • We are down to the last box of Lysol Wipes from our Costco stash that was shipped over - those are not replaceable here :(. Nor can they be shipped.
  • We still have 1 1/2 gallons of Spray 'N Wash from the Costco stash as it appeared I overbought a bit.
  • We miss Costco.
  • May is packed with recitals, birthday parties, concerts and long weekends.
  • Pulling weeds for four hours will make you feel stiff for a few days.
  • The Lake is misty, cloudy and glowing with the sunrise this morning.
  • I hosted a class parent coffee yesterday morning so my house is all clean for the week - even though we sat outside the whole time. With blankets - at least it didn't rain. Before you think I forced my guests to do this, most people here, after the loooonnnnnggggg winter will not choose to sit indoors even if cloudy and cool as long as it's not raining.
  • We have a regular drummer for worship team at church now - Yeah!!!! I don't have to stomp on the floor now! btw - I'm a discreet stomper...
  • We enjoy listening to our girls practise their musical instruments.
  • I finally got some paperwork done for my husband - our medical claims which I dislike doing - and so now MAYBE, I'll tackle the photo situation.
  • I realized that, until I went to the Dr. for my tick bite last week and Rachel's shoulder injury, none of us have been to the Dr. for illness - in a year and a half!
  • No, I don't have Lyme disease. Allergy rashes yes, but no Lyme disease.
  • 1/3 + of our our Bible Study group will be moving this Summer and things are just changing. I will really miss those ladies.
  • I'm somewhat tired of being a renter and not an owner.
  • I wish I could speak to home repair people in my native language.
  • I need to get my kids up for school - NOW!

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