Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ball Anyone? Shhhh! Don't tell Mom....

That's what you get! Get to work you naughty children! You know the rules - No playing ball in the house! Yes! Playing ball in the house! Well, actually, I let them. And no I didn't make them mop on their hands and knees. That was their request. They find it fun. Hey - Who am I to say no? By all means, scrub away! They hire out at 3chf per mop - quite affordable don't you think?
So here we are playing ball in the house on a rainy day. It wouldn't normally be such a big deal but I bought a new bat and some very soft balls at the store when I was in Zurich. The bat is a hard foam - I've never seen an actual baseball bat on sale here in Switzerland. We did smuggle gloves and balls over last summer for the girls but no bats.
Can you please take a look at this blurry picture and tell me what is wrong with it?!!! Besides the outrageous price I paid for a foam bat and one foam ball.
Is the kid trying to hit himself in the head? What????? What is he doing with his hands???!!!
Sometimes you've got to wonder.
And yes, the girls had fun and did not break a thing.


Jolyn said...

Maybe he's trying to maneuver a bunt;)

Olson Family said...

Not even for a bunt (my softball coach would have been mortified). I tried their example and all you can pretty much do is whack yourself in the head. Maybe that's why none of the Swiss kids play ball? :)