Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bells are Ringing!

They sound beautiful. But as it is 1:45 on Thursday, and according to my Swiss German teacher, there's been a funeral. They still sound beautiful.

It is an absolutely beautiful, Swiss Tourism day as well - not a cloud in the sky. It's warm, sunny and although the clouds are supposed to come back tomorrow along with cooling back into the low 60's - I'll take all I can get.

In fact, this can't be too long - I need to be outside!

So I will post our past weekend trip tonight. Not now. And while I try to be pretty true to our real life situation here without spilling my guts, things have been pretty crazy in the midst of the 'cool' trips. A friend in my Bible study this morning put it very well (thank you SM) "you are full to the brim and if anyone bumps you, you'll spill over." How true. So there is stuff to share but I have to wait so I don't flood the written page.
Enjoy the pic from our terrasse - if you were here, I'd love to share a coffee or tea or glass of wine with you on it. 'Til later, I've got some garden puttering to do. :)

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Linds said...

I will email you later - but yes, I too get out to potter in the garden, because it is such a wonderful escape sometimes!